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The drunk sister drank loads went out driving.
Came home screaming.she poured a bottle of corrossive cleaning product on one piece of the bath and left it there.
Of course my parents think this is fine.
The got a bag of my clothes and said they were dumping them
Im really sick today.ive been in bed all day.
I dont know how to cope with this.its like they are doing it deliberately.
Im afraid they will throw my clothes out.why did they pick todat


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Shes screaming into my face again.knowing im seriously at breaking point. seems to care.
Her behaviour is intolerable.i had to clean her load of mess.
Can you go to a friend or an aunt (or somebody else) for recovering?
This doesn't seem to be good for you 'cause you need your power to get better!


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I have aunts barely talk to me.
I think im adopted but have no proof.
I asked my parents to speak to her but she comes first with them.
Not one person asks me how I am.they dont care.


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My mothr said oh why should we be quiet.
Im so close to the edge.the shelter wouldnt take me when I rang.
I dont know what to wont admit my sister is a psycho.
She keeps saying im too blame.
How can I be to blame lying in bed sick ?
Makes no sense
It's not you fault. Even if you weren't sick and in your bed.
She's a person on her own and only she's in charge for herself.

What to do you think of let them be, how they want to, ignore them and have a nice cup of tea and maybe a DVD you like?


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Hi ! Do you know I have no one who even knew I went.
So thanks.yeah an arthritis consultant who gave me new drug and supplements.
Im collecting prescription tomorrow.hope it helps.
I waited 4 months for today.
Not one person asks me anything bout my illness.
Im very lonely.i see everyone ther with someone and on the phone tellin news


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I long for my family to care about me.why do I care.when its obvious they dont.
Theres not one person that cares about me.
My cousin drove past me outside my house,stared and cut me dead.
Yet he dotes on my sister who is a violent psycho drunk.
I mean why ? Im peuked of it

I hear what you are saying, I know its hard not getting calls etc., when you are a person that needs/wants communication.

Dont' forget about all the people here that care for you.

just wait till you hit Uni - things will change for you - its not long to go now.



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hey starry...i wish i could help more, but i am kinda screwed myself know your family are bad, dont let them bring you down more...ignore them, you are better than them. how are you coping with your own illness? has the doc given any advice?

stay positive you are not at fault. always here if you need to talk

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