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    Seems i cant talk to anyone without getting angry or hurting someone. I get so angry that no one understands....the tears flow and there is no way for me to stop them except to self harm....getting pushed so many different ways, i cope teh ways i kno and yet it seems thats unacceptable....i yell and says things i shouldnt when i get angry, things i dont mean but somehow that doesnt matter either....well fuck that and fuck life!!!
  2. TBear

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    It is OK to be angry - it is what you do with it ....

    Any idea what sets you off?

    Sounds like you feel like exploding - when I feel like that I do something aerobic or better yet get a hold of some weights and work out. When I am angry, I find I can increase the weights I usually use by 20%...ok so I am sore afterwards - it gets the extreme reaction out of the way so I can think.
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    meg, talk to me you know I'd love to hear from you! (although I' am kinda banned right now so I'll talk to you early august) or just hit me up with a PM
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    Lets see,I I get mad at my pet rock tommy and I yell at him(that was somewhat a joke)What I mean is find something to get mad at(no not hard or sharp objects)maybe a pillow or something.It works just pretend it what your actually mad at.Example your girlfreind just cheated on you,and just blow up
    On this pillow,I'd say to call it bad names,but you may not mean it and someone might hear you.So just find something that you can't harm and can let your feelings on

    I mad a pillow women ;).....69% of you reading this are thinking something perverted....LOL no I meant I made it to yell at etc.just make a face and it's magic,it may seem stupid and childish but it's worth a shot right?
  5. Young suicider

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    Idk how you got banned but helping someone is risky,becareful what you say