screw life

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  1. dontwannabeme

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    screw life
    I lost evrything i have.
    House, car, secrets,money,my buisnis, my mind, my freedom
    this year was absolute hell for me :(
    Im asking myself in these hollidays why celebrate it?
    next year ill have too go too another clinic i dont see the point in celebrating that!
    People blame me and say im hurting people and should just get it togheter but they dont understand what goes thruw someone thats attempting suicide...
    I relapsed today :(
    My thoughts and moodswings are back and tougher then ever.
    On christmass eve i got too pickup my drunk father isnt that a great one for christmass eve?
    Im wondering what is in store for me next year.
    At least as i fail too succesfully attempt my death my body will do it for me anyway in 2 years.
    Due too my low weight my body wont sustain it.

    Sorry for the rant at life at what should be a happy day for me in this time of year but it just isnt :(
  2. texaskitty

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    aww hun, this is a rough time of year for many of us, so don't feel bad about that.

    I am so sorry for your losses.

    Wish I had answers but all I got this am is a :hug: for you.
  3. Sadeyes

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    I am so sorry for all of your losses, but so glad you are sharing with us...please continue to post, find company here and hold on to the caring of others...that is what gets many of us through these difficult times
  4. dontwannabeme

    dontwannabeme Well-Known Member

    thnx for the reply's thank god the mood changed again just feel tired :(