screw society!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. kote

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    you just keep on throwing it at me and i will just keep on hitting back.

    so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    now i feel better - pardon my french!!!!
  2. boo

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    i concur
  3. IV2010

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    Well said..
  4. kote

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    eyes always looking at me wondering, wondering about the bloody strereotype the media has hyped up!!!! not caring or bothering getting to know people individually!!!!
    its not there fault even, its the constructs of their society they live in, how can i blame them!!!!

    so fuck you society and the mess you have made!!!

    all i tried to do was fit in but no you spat me out as i didnt fit your regulation uniform of a human being - so i have to carry a card marking me an alien - why??? because my skin colour is different thats why.
  5. Viro

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