Screw this, im doing it...

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Lonely guy, Aug 25, 2011.

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  1. Lonely guy

    Lonely guy New Member

    I can't take this anymore. No one has ever cared about me, and no one will ever do. I am just 13 years old but i wanna suicide so bad that i can't stop thinking about it, is like wanting to breath but can't. My family hates me, i have no real friends, no girlfriend, and eveybody thinks im trash. I'm dumb, selfish and i hate people, myself, and this world so bad that i can't be alive. And i can't change, i have tried with telling my friends, but they don't really care about it, i have tried praying to god for forgiveness and salvation but he doesen't care neither. Maybe, as someone i know said, im just that kind of people that is doomed to live a shitty life so other people knows how not to end up. It's over. I'm done.

    I just wrote this specting that, by some miracle, someone cares about it and help me get trough this. But i know that is very unlikely. Please answer, i already have <mod edit: *sparkle* methods>
  2. zowe

    zowe New Member

    hey there :(! this is so sad to read, a 13 year old feeling this way..
    you should be out with friends having a good time.
    your family dont hate you, speak to them tell them how you feel!?
    maybe or brother or sister you could turn maybe there to help you.
    your not alone. people do care. dont feel the need to end your life when it hasnt even began things will get better, they have to.. things might be rough but hang in there, and just stay postive.
  3. Sais

    Sais Well-Known Member

    Read stuff, try to find ideas to get you through. At 13 it does the trick, still.
    Get help, therapist, at school at least, there must be someone you can talk to.
    Find things you're good at, build self esteem, and don't let anyone tell you
    who/how you are. Don't let them convince you, about yourself.
    God I hate how people can screw other people up like this!

    Please know you always have someone to talk to here :)
  4. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    People do care. :hug: I really hope you come back, there are people here who will listen and be there to support you.
  5. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    Welcome to SF. :hug:
  6. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Hi and welcome...this is so sad...It is difficult to use the responses of 13 yr olds as your determination whether someone there any adult in your life you trust and can talk to? Why does your family act like they hate you? And if this is the case, this is their 13 yr old should be treated this way...maybe talking to ppl here to see how you can get someone in the RL to help would be a good goal...I am sure others have been through this...welcome again, and you will be surprised how caring ppl are here...please PM me if I can help...J
  7. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    hey, welcome to the forum.

    it doesn't seem so long ago that i was 13, myself (i am still a teenager now). i remember it quite well. is there someone you can talk about this to at school, as in a school counsellor or something like that? please get help. it saddens me when someone is suicidal, be they 13 or 31 or 79.

    and look at it this way -- if you don't kill yourself now you have the rest of your life to acquire real friends, and a girlfriend. ;)

    your friends are the family you can choose.

    please take care, my inbox is open if you want

  8. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi you keep postingokay let us know how you are doing so we can help you
  9. Lonely guy

    Lonely guy New Member

    hi everyone, you asked if there where any people i could talk... well.. let me explain:

    Since i was a child i was going trough these crap, i mean, 8 years old. At 12 i tried to tell my parents, but they said i was stupid and i should be happy becauze i had alot of food, clothing and stuff. Then they said i was an idiot for not thanking that. As you see, i can't talk to them, as they are the source of my pain.

    I am fucking alone, and no one cares, i hate my life, and my parents just blame me for everything that happens, especially my father. I love my mom, but she doesen't understands me, and i hate my father with all my heart. I think im just one of those people who are destined to suffer. I hope you guys help me, and i'm really happy because finnally i found someone who cares.
  10. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am glad you love your mom hun she needs you as you need her. sorry your father and you are not getting along Ask your mom to get you some help hun
    someone who will understand okay Your mom not a professional hun you need help hugs
  11. Lonely guy

    Lonely guy New Member

    I have no friends... Not killing myself means that i will suffer till i die, i wish there where another way. No girl loves me, and no one will ever do. I was in love with one girl, and we where good friends, but when i moved to another city, one of her closest friends told me that she knew i was in love with her and that she was just pretending to be my friend... she comfirmed this herself, and last night i was told that she had sex with another guy...

    There is no fucking hope!!!! i just wanna die and stop suffering!!!!!
  12. Speedy

    Speedy Staff Alumni

    I am sending hugs your way, and none go to the girl you loved who was just pretending to be your friend. :hug:
  13. kote

    kote Account Closed

    welcome to suicide forum!!! you sound very raw at the moment and we all know this pain. life at the moment is difficult even more so because of your age but there are ways out which arent suicide.
    much of what ive done to help my suicidal feelings are my hobbies. i play kendo - met many great friends there. i go kayaking and ive met friends through that too. i go mountain climbing and camping and meet people through that too. im not the best of personalities or friendliest of people but through mutual interests ive managed to escape the horrid life i have to come home too.
    obviously cash at 13 is a problem but there are many hobbies you can do with little money and also you could ask for a joint xmas and bday present and join a club.
    i wish you the best and hope you can find some help and new ideas here. we both have suicidal feelings and i know how you feel but i am medicated and also have had to find distractions to the dark thoughts.
    take care!!!
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  14. kote

    kote Account Closed

    ahhhh women!!! ive had so many broken hearts from girls who have just gone off and done their own thing knowing it would cause me pain.

    well dont worry - honestly there are plenty more around, it just takes time. the best thing to do is to find a way to love yourself first and be happy rather than base it on a relationship. if youre happy within yourself then no matter what happens no one can hurt you.
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