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screw you all

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im pretty new in here so i dont know you...

but i dont hate you.. and i never will hate you, u havent given me a reason to hate.. and untill u do, i will never hate you... you feeling that i hate you, will not make me hate you... that will only make me listen more... and i hope that everyone in here feels the same way about this.. we are all here to find someone we can talk to... this is not the place to hate people... and if everyone in here did hate you, then they shouldn't have made this place.. and i believe they made this place cause alot of people need to talk and find someone that listen and cares...

i care and im willing to listen to you...

take care..

I may not know you but I do read what you have to say.
and I can honestly say that if there is anyone that does belong its you
Read ing your posts on some occastions gives me that little bit of will to continue to to carry on with this shit life

As does some of the other post on this site you will have to forgive this short post not feeling to well but just had to tell you that I for one do not hate you



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eh...this thread makes me feel so heavy.

Good points have been made and some not so good.

All I see is a lot of resentment and anger being directed in the wrong areas and then a few who are trying to absorb it in order to keep peace and show compassion.

I am sure some could say I am blind...there are just as many who would debate...

I have been on both sides of this one...

The thing that always makes it hardest for me tho - when trying to help or listen to someone is that it seems we can get so clouded and jumbled by what is bothering us that we dont have the patience to describe the details needed for someone else to understand the situation. We figure we have listed it all before so why have to do it again...and then we get mad about that too! But here is the thing, obviously whatever it is still bothers you so you go to someone else, someplace else looking for someone who can read your mind and just KNOW....when they do get close you get defensive and push them away or tell them "YOU DONT KNOW ME!!!!".


NO, how could they? when you will never tell them what is actually going on?

You see we are good at issues of the mind here...but even better at mind fucking ourselves.

And do you really want to know anyone or have them know who you are? That question must be answered first as it takes a lot of patience with yourself and with others to simply communicate. Mind games never work, they just multiply like mosquitoes and then feast on whats left of you.

So Tink...you wanna talk about the issue here or just list your anger?

I am here, as long as YOU let me.

For the rest of you...DEEP BREATH...all of our wounds are individual but they bleed the same.



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...please forgive me for looking like an idiot...but I am about to make it worse by asking you to cut and paste for me if you have to...

I must have missed it somewhere....*looks back at posts*....

Maybe not just lately but you have posted.
I get my peace from the words of others weather that sounds utter crap to you or not well not much I can do about that all I can say is I do not hate you or anyone else for that matter

compassion is something I have very little of and I'm not here to keep the peace

I say what I mean weather it offends or not
Hey TinkerLoop, I am sorry you are hurt and angry....I am not completely sure what's going on, but I definatly don't in no way hate you...and I don't think others do either.

You have done nothing what-so-ever then be kind-hearted that I have seen, and please don't use "status" as what to go by on determining wether other like or dislike you.

But, if you need to talk or YELL ...know I am here for you, I care and am concerned........please don't leave your part of our family. :hug: :cheekkiss

:flowers: for you :rose:

You are in my thoughts,

(I will pray for you hun)

.............remember that hun ^..............


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you know what its like to get built up and be dropped when your already low?

well try taking it from sumone you see as a friend you warn them you can handle the drop but they let you fall


Awwww Debs, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you honest, I just thought it was a good idea at the time, didn't realise there would be disagreement. Sorry hun :(


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i warned you its not the damn first time you aint listened and ive got hurt

friend listen and do all they can to stop hurt its not the first time youve dun it either.

yes im still here but thats only cos theres one thing i need to do today before i go.


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:hug:'s debbie.allot of here do love you allot.you know i do.i know this has hurt you allot and it is understandable.i still dont think robin meant to hurt you you.he meant just the opposite and wanted to help you feel better about yourself.i km\now he wasnt listening when you told him it wouldnt work that way but still he cares about you allot and that shows because his intentions where to make you feel better not worse.i know how you will take this but i just know how much he cares about you and how you mean to him as a friend. he had good intentions please dont hurt yourself because of something that was meant to make you happy.i might have been guilty of doing the same thing a short while ago.i believe both of us love you so much that we would do anything at all to see you happy.youre just such a good person and a good friend we cant help it. i know this has hurt you it would do the same to anyone. but please always know that you have me and others who will always be there for you because you mean so much to us.
i will never ever hate you and will always wuv u.:hug:'s


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look this aint the only damn reason im doing this ok people here do hate me i screw things up for people i fall head over hills for the wrong people and ruin things theres a whole list of things and this is where it ends


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Thats cause the only topics clicked on and read are USUALLY from sickasses that hope people do it.

Sad but true, suicidal people usually desperately need help, and are in no shape to help. While others are sick asses that only come here to read about us offing ourselves, because it takes away their bordom.

People secretly dont give a ratts arse if we die. It makes for good reading.

Delete the truth mods, but you KNOW im right.

To Zen 14- above post:
TRUE many that come here need help to get thru tough times or bad episodes in this existance. I really DISAGREE that people are sick asses. That is your opinion, not everyones!!! :noway: It does NOT make good reading to hear of how a person feels in pain, hopelessness with no support, love or person to turn to. If you have such a great attitude WTF are you doing here?? Your post made me sooo mad!
I think that many people DO care if there is a suicide, hence why this forum survives! I personally do not think you are right and I hope you will learn anything before it comes to bite you in your sick ass. :noway:

To Tink: My post was erased, here's second try...we care. People say the stupidist things. If you feel that hurt, mad and PO'd, write and tell them. Get it out!! If you want any non-judgemental person to listen, let me know by PM.
This is a shield place that you can rant and rage and we stiiiillll love you. I have been so hurt and angry too. It is a god awful feeling and can eat you up inside. :unsure:
I'm here as Robin, Pain and other....what Curtis says is true....we come and go depending on needs, but we are confused and overwhelemed at times too. Don't let whatever happen make u feel insignificant, CUZ YOU ARE NOT!

Gotta post now, PM me!!
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