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    This time of year is killing me!!!!

    I don't have money to buy others gifts and i'm sure they will be angry(i know them) and it really pisses me off. I work all this overtime and i have to go spend it on christmas's making me a scrooge. I don't want anything for christmas, i don't have any lights or anything up, the next thing you know i'll be a ghost and i'll be seeing what could've been and all that jazz... :laugh:

    I don't know what's going on...will the stay be a nice one? will we fight?

    Lately, i haven't been myself either, i just want to hurt someone right now, really bad!!!! Maybe myself...:dry:

    So tempting, oh so tempting...

    well whatever...I will be scrooge this Christmas
  2. Hi. I'm sorry that you're so down right now. especially around Christmas time. I don't think you are a scrooge. It is your overtime money...and you can do what you like with it.YOU EARNED it. There is no law saying you have to buy these others gifts. IMO, if they are going to be angry simply bc you don't buy them have a right to be pissed off at them bc it's not right. I say, let them be angry...Christmas is not REALLY about the gifts can be the bigger person here...let these people know that you (like scrooge in the end) can keep Christmas in your heart whether gifts are exchanged or not.
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    isn't life too short to live it worrying about what others may or may not be thinking about you? are we always accurate in predicting what others are thinking about us? how sure can we be?
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    i the way u are hun i'm here if u wanna tlk :hug:
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    im the same way kid! but ur not a scrooge ur a human and ur stressed, and who cares if theyll be mad, only buy gifts for those who are important to u, and buy urself the most expensive thing then wrap it and write on it "from santa" then open it back up on xmas morning ^^ (and act surprised so u dont hurt urselfs feelings bcuz u really knew all along what it was but u wanted so badly to surprise u so get on a good shocked face...)

    (figure that out)