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my dream;

I'm watching a tv show about a celebrity erotic actress (porn star) it explains her life and how miserable she is because she gets used. the next thing I know she's sitting next to me on my couch. I talk to her and empathise with her which she responds well to and we begin to make love. I lay her on the bed and out of nowhere a man pops up puts a handgun against the back of her head and pulls the trigger. the man runs away and I realise its my brother-in-laws brother. I tell my mum that he needs to be found and thats all I remember.

I'm an enlightened guy if anyone would like to put a theory to this dream. please, its really affected me.


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Maybe you're actually just re-enacting an experience in the past. Have you ever been with anyone who was desperate, and then left you? I think that could have something to with it.
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