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Searching for death

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I am all alone
I search for death all the time
Why will it not find me
I wonder how it could happen
I think of helping it happen
I search for anything to make me happy again
Why can't i find it
What did i do wrong
Why am i so useless
I count down the days till death will find me
I hope it is soon
What will it take to make the pain go
I have had enough of life
No one knows cos i lie
Mabey everyone will be better if i die
Please death find me please


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I count down the days till death will find me
Maybe instead of doing that, you can count the days you are alive.

Death is always there, waiting. Toughen up, and hang on. Live life while it's here, life doesn't wait. Life is tough, but has some worthwhile experiences. Once you die, you die. The End. It's either you die now, or you live, and then die.

Myself, I've chosen to give death a big "Fuck You". I'm just too damn curious to see what will happen tomorrow. Some say curiosity killed the cat, well, it's keeping this cat alive

Choose wisely.
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