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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by NotProud, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. NotProud

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    Hi there,

    I'm a 26 year old male from Pennsylvania and I'm currently struggling with a few different issues that is making day to say life difficult. To be brief, I graduated from university with a ba in applied media arts and ever since then my life has been a constant struggle. I was basically forced out of the place I was living, I was living with t 86 year old grandmother while I went to school and living rent free. My uncle maintains my grandma's farm property and is an alcoholic and a mean bastard overall and he physically attacked me and I was forced to call the police because I feared for my life. The police told me I basically had one option and that was to move out so that's what I did. I lived out of my car, rather my parents car that they gave me, and set up a tent in the woods behind the Walmart where I worked. I was living out of the tent and my car for about two weeks while I tried to find a place to live.

    I eventually found an apartment and have been there for about 4 or 5 months. I quit my job at Walmart due to poor management as well as the 3rd shift schedule took its toll on my body as well as my relationship with my girlfriend. In January I found a job working as a cell phone salesman close to where I live for $8/hr. I am just barely able to pay my rent and utilities. I am lookin into getting a roommate to help with bills. I can't stay with my girlfriend becaus she can't have dog I her place and I have a one year old jack russel mix that I adopted as a graduation present to myself.

    My apartment is bare. I have a bed and a table and that's about it besides my dog's crate. I can't afford to pay my crest card or to pay for gas so I have started walking to and from work, it is about a half hit one way do it isn't too bad. I applied for assistance and they said I was eligible to recieve food stamps but I couldn't get ahold of the documents that they needed to see I time so they denied me, guess I will have to reapply.

    I guess I just wanted to vent in a place that I know will be supportive as my
    Family is less than supportive, my mother is an alcoholic and
    My father left my mother about 2 years ago and is not really spmeonenincan go to for support. I was diagnosed with depression my senior ear of high school when my best friend and captain of our football team commuted suicide. It really messed me up for a long time and I still think about him everyday.

    I realize I have a lot
    Of good things going for me like having a job and having an education as well as a beautiful girlfriend who supports me but when just paying the bills and figuring out if I will have money for dinner and for food for my dog It just makes me tired of life and tired of seeing others succeed when I seem to be the only one struggling so much. When I go on Facebook and see the extravagant trips that t friends are taking and the new TV's and cars and things that show their wealth I can't help but think where I web wrong and how I can get my life I track so I can at least pay my rent and utilities. I don't envy those material posset ions I just want to feel like this life is worth living.
  2. jimk

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    HI Notproud and welcome.. hope you get some relief here on this website..
  3. Mr Stewart

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    Hello to you and welcome to SF.
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    You need to get your documents together and reapply for food stamps..It isn't much but it will take some of the worry off you..I have a Jack Russle and they can be a handfull..Have you applied anywhere that your BA would help?? Welcome to the forums..
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