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Searching Threads By Tags

I've noticed that a few threads have colored tags before the title (e.g., "Practical Advice"). Is there a way to search for threads by tags?


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It LOOKS like if you click on the tag itself you'll be able to search by the tag but people aren't using the tags much yet. We only get a couple threads started a day so then the number of folks who are going to use the specific tag are even less than that.. so it's just waiting to see how popular they are. If you click the tag it looks like that's going to be searchable though. (I could be wrong, I don't know know crap about crap.)


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What I believe @may71 is talking about are prefixes, where as @CodeX is talking about the tags. A member can choose to add the prefix to their own thread or not. There Will not be a search by prefix as there are only 3 options, at best it would be a sort, but it is just to help people know what type of response a member is looking for and to make it easier to reply to threads. They are optional, both to use , and any reply can still be given. A post about the prefixes can be found at - https://www.suicideforum.com/community/threads/thread-prefixes-new-feature.152786/

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