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    I'm searching for a therapist.
    Seems 24 hours before an appointment my anxiety rises, badly. I have one on Monday.
    How long have your searched for a therapist and what are your symptoms; what are you getting help for? I've realised I'm coming down the dissociative spectrum (I have DID) more towards CPTSD? Am I? I heard this happens when you lose less time and integrating- which is what is happening with me, and it hasn't been a choice. The frequency/severity of flashbacks I've had in the past year and my survival is something I can't get my head around but can only recognise now as being to do with integration- meaning becoming more conscious/healing splits within myself.
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    I don't know too much about the dissociative spectrum but
    I do know how difficult the searching process is. I still live with my parents so my mother always goes with me to my first few appointments with a new therapist but I know the anxiety you feel. She normally has to force me to go and many times I end up panicking right before because I get so scared. I now like my therapists but it has taken so long and my newest one isn't on my insurance so I have to progress to every other week quickly. I'm getting help for borderline personality, depression, and anxiety. It has been a very long road and I still have a long way to go. I wish you luck in finding a good therapist. Update me on how its going.
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    Thanks serena, it's good to know I'm not alone in this and you understand. :hug:
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    I have seen 4 different therapists. You will probably have to see more than one and choose which one you like. I prefer psychiatrists over other non MD therapists from experience. They seem more knowledgeable and want to really see you heal. I had to seek a specialist across the country and do a telephone session. I don't think that you would have to do that.
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    Yeah jjjooogg2 I've been searching since may through email and seen 3 in the last few months....with very funny results/experiences


    i found a therapist today! she's sweet and down to earth and everything went great! :stars: we're gonna try a six week session to see how things go, but unlike the one i saw on friday i felt she wasn't observing me from the back of her head while being "flat" with me (i had a therapist like this before for 2 yrs) but interacting with me in the space between us and emphasising transparency and honesty (which were the issues i was bringing to her about the previous people i've come in contact with) and that means so much. and she seemed very sincere to help me through my crises and asked good questions about my last therapists, why i didn't go for the previous 3 i saw.


    i feel like i can have a better nights sleep now, thank god after months of this BS from the hospital team, i've got someone!
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    I'm happy for you :hug: She sounds great.
  7. plates

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    :cheekkiss: thank you elizabeth.
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