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Does anyone know of any disorder or trauma that may cause someone to lock themselves in their room when anyone comes to visit; even during family events. We are estimating about around the teenage years most of this was happening!! Then at a later point it happened more when he was around females that he would turn and run. I do know that he took care of his mother up to the day she died. Today we still think he has a tiny bit of fear of females, I do think it takes a long time for him to really trust them. Thank you for whatever you can help me with on this!!


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Hey Shadowcat,
It sounds to me as he may have socialphobia and augoriphobia. I suffer from both of those myself and have isolated in my bedroom for the last fifteen years. I only come out when I have to. I have a good therapist and she has gotten me to the point where I even get out of the house a little at a time. I also have started driving again. Driving still scares the hell out of me but I force myself to do it.
You should have him seek professional help. Both a phsychiatrist and a therapist. They can educate him on what is happening with himself, and teach him how to cope with his problems. He can also come here to the forum and seek support from the members...I wish him well..Take care!!
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