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Second-Rate Human

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I'm no quite sure what it is. Most of the time I hear myself say because I am unattractive but I think it is a lot more than that. I am intelligent but treated like I am stupid. Sometimes I forget and try to act like I am normal only to have someone remind me by laughing at me or ignoring me. I just wanted to be normal, nothing extra.

I made a plan for next month. I am waiting for a certain date to help my husband. Tonight I started writing my notes.

I don't feel so much sad anymore because I realize no one is coming to save me. No one can save me. People don't save second-rate humans, only the loved good ones get saved.


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No one is a second-rate human, and there are people out there to save you- we are here to save you, from yourself if nessesary.

please dont make plans, dont write notes- talk to us

take care and welcome to the SF
:hug: :hug:
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