Second week of threatened hospitaliization

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    I went to my therapy appt this week. I read somewhere on here that if you have a hard time talking about something, to write it down for your therapist. I wrote out a list of things that I wanted to discuss. For the second week in a row, my counselor pulled out her suicide risk assessment form, and brought in her supervisor for a second opinion if i needed to be put in the hospital. They encouraged me to go voluntarliy, i said no. They came up with what i consider a baby safety plan that wont work, but I agreed to it fearing if I didnt they would have me commited.

    They also suggest that I go to the county mental health clinic and join a DBT group. I refused to do the group, because I am a county employee, but agreed if there was a private therapist in the area that could provide it to me. I just researched it online and it looks basic. I am wondering if anyone has ever had DBT therapy. Does this mean my therapist is saying she cant help me? I read a lot of things that really turned me off on DBT. Anyone have a positive experience with it?
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    I've done DBT inpatient and outpatient. I used to be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I found some of it really helpful, like the distractions and self-soothing. I think it's different for everyone. But if your doctor is suggesting it, I would try it. It might be helpful to you. I hope you are able to find something that does help, whether it be DBT or something else.