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Okay, this will make me sound REALLY crazy and also, obscure language below.
Usually I don't speak like this, i'm usually more controlled.
So I told you a secret. Your my fucking friend. You're supposed to keep it. You're not supposed to tell people in whatever possible situation. There's a reason why it's called a fucking secret. For fuck's sake man. You are DEFINITELY NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL THE PERSON THE SECRET'S ABOUT!!! I still talk to you only because i'm a C on the "DISC" and so I don't like confrontations. but seriously it's been 4 fucking months and (person's name) is still not talking to me. Asshole. All I want to do is throw my laptop over the balcony.
You are not the first person who did this and because of you all, I cannot trust ANYONE. Oh well. Just another day in my life.


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How awful...feeling betrayed really tests one's faith in humanity...but because this person was such a moron, does not mean that is the way of the world...and here's one consulation...you are not that person! big hugs, J


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K, i'm going to post this new rant on the same thread to save space cause, let's be honest. My problems aren't as serious as other people on this site. I hope your impressions of me aren't dampened after this...
Honestly, why the fuck did you join in? I don't care if you meant if playfully, but you fucking knew that I had a recent fracture to my shoulder. At least tell them before joining in and telling other people to do it? You've been my friends for what? 3 years? (Enter name of other friend) did not join in and he's only been my friiend for like 1. Come on. Don't be fucking dick.

Life at home is great. Same old dad telling me I can't do the "easiest" math problems. My dear sir, mathmetatics that "easy" required knowledge only a person 3 years above me knows. I mean seriously. What the fuck? At least let me EXPLAIN why I don't know advanced calculus?

Life is hard for me these days. Just another day in my life.


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Fuck me. Just fuuucckkk me. I don't ask to quit anything. You know that as well as me. When I. The history of my fucking life have I asked you to stop something you started but I despise with my whole fucking life? What was that? FUCKING NEVER. why can't you just le this one go? It's not like you're the one who has a full schedule! Your the one who stays in bed when your sick and I have to go to fucking school. FUCK. I'm already part of 4 fucking bands and I can't quit one? Seriously. FUCK ME.

I'm bawling my eyes out right now and I can't think straight.


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thats awful :( friends are supposed to keep secrets, at least you learned a lesson :hug:


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im sorry your having souch an awful time. Just because we all have diff problems doesnt mean that yours are any less important . I hope you managed to sort things out.


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your problems are causing you pain and therefore are no less important than others here.

to be let down by someone you trusted is extremely hurtful but dont let those people cloud your judgement, not everyone is like that, maybe in future if you need to tell a secret, write it down in a diary..that way no one can tell and you are spared the pain.

stay safe and keep venting here. :hug:
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