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    I have a secret that no one in my family knows. I'm bulimic, I can't eat and when I do eat... I have to get rid of it. It started out as a simple way to drop a few pounds and now it has taken over my life. I'm light-headed all the time, I get dizzy, I have a constant headache but watching the numbers fall on the scale is great motivation. Some days I don't eat and instead I run until I feel like I will pass out. The weight is falling off and I'm so happy.:stars: However, my family can't know my secret... EVER. I've had a lot of weight problems since I was about 13 and my mother has been the root of it all. Mia has taken over my life and it feels great :clap:
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    You can do so much damage to your esophagus hun your stomach lining just a few things that you are harming Time to talk to someone hun okay get the help you need to heal hugs
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    how long do you life like this now?
    at first your ED makes you feel better but in time it will eat you up. your character, your skills...this will kill you if you don't stop. do you want to puke out your soul?
    don't be so stupid. I know you're not.
    You will get sick and ugly, your hair will fall out, your teeth will rott, your bones will break.
    Don't tell me you want to rist that for a few f*cking punds. Don't.
    I do not say this to scare you. It's the truth.
    Go ahead and die ugly and broken or do something about it and search for help.
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