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Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing, i had meltdown and got sectioned as i refused to go to hospital and whilst 28 day section period has just ended they have asked that i dont discharge myself but have allowed me to come home overnight.

things can happen so fast that you cant control them and all i can offer to everyone is try not to let it get that far, go willingly, it does make a difference. i am still angry about it, but accept it was probably the right thing to do at the time, but you get ripped out of reality and thrown back without warning.

so if i can offer anything constructive to anyone..if the choice is willingly or section go willingly.

hang on deserve a second chance.

will get back on board asap....

:hugtackles: to everyone


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Glad your feeling a bit better

Thank for letting us know - and for your own bravery in accepting this and seeing positives.

This means a lot as many are frightened by being sectioned and its wrong to feel that way.

I'm just happy you are well enough to make so eloquent a post - and for your kindness in assuring others as to your health, well-being and whereabouts. Glad your back to drop in and tell us this and put our minds at peace - so we know your OK.

Hope we see you soon and hope the stay is a pleasant one and you have some kindness in there and some peace! Plus save money on the electric and gas bills!

Do try and have some food in the home for when you get out - and that the power is working fine. Turn off all things not being used!

Hope you get well soon - and you do seem better - and hopefully the stay is doing you some good. Seems that way - which is nice.

My thoughts and prayers!

My 900th post also - so I'll befriend you and annoy you when you get out!


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Hi icequeen!

Nice to meet you again. In my state in the USA, we also have a 28 day section (we call it "commitment or getting committed" in my town) period following our first hearing (between the first and second hearing) after being involuntarily committed/sectioned. I've been through the 28 days before.. in fact it was just this year. I remember that time quite well.

I hope you are being treated pleasantly, and thanks for sending kind thoughts our way and for your perspective. I will be thinking of you. :hug:

Take care,

Mr. A


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thanks for the kind words and thoughts, appreciated.

people should not be afraid of being sectioned, it sounds far worse than it is, and in reality is not much different from being admitted willingly, you just have a few more rules to follow.

cant complain about the treatment, well, if i had to make a complaint it would be that i keep leaving my shoes outside my door and they still dont get polished!!

slept most of the 28 days either as a result of medication or the nasty chest infection i got whilst there so cant really say whether it was a beneficial section or not but would say it was as you are removed from reality, no triggers, you dont have to think of anything other than whether to have tea or coffee, toast or cereal etc. the hard work is yet to begin.

going to have a soak in my own tub before i return to the Big House and hope to get down home again soon before my next wardround on Thursday.

how do i feel about being annoyed when i get out? :mhmm: :wink:

stay strong guys and thanks for your kind words. cya soon :hugtackles:


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I'm glad that you're being treated well and supported while on your section.. I hope that the rest of your time there goes well and that you are able to heal some before being discharged. Take good care of yourself x
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