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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by toffeekitten, May 7, 2010.

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  1. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    Hey, I'm wanting your opinions again. I know the legal stuff about sectioning and that it has to be done through several people's joint agreement and stuff, but I was just wondering in my case what would warrent me needing to be sectioned?
    Here are the basics, I harm pretty much every other day, attempted suicide on monday, am suicidal constantly and have most of the symptoms of depression, and im starving myself...How much further must it go before anyone does something? any ideas or comments?? I'm not saying I want to be secitoned, Its a huge fear of mine, but i have been threatened with it ages ago when things weren't this bad....im confused. i know if this carries on then at some point I will be in hospital..but which point is that!! meh...
  2. I was nearly sectioned a few years ago. I volunteered to go into hospital myself as I was going to be sectioned anyway. I suppose it depends what you want but there are advantages of going into hospital without being sectioned. I basically complied with what they wanted, gave it a few weeks and faked my way out again. You have more rights if you are not sectioned.

    A mental hospital is not a nice place to be but there are people there who in the same state of mind as you are and it can be helpful to know you are not alone. There are also other people who are not so nice to be around in my experience and I can't say being in hospital helped me feel any better but I'm still alive (the jury is still out as to whether that is a good thing).

    I sincerely hope you find some purpose and hope in life again. I'm still seeking it myself but at least it's not quite as dark as it once was.

    Love to you.
  3. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    I went into hospital voluntarily, I didnt really get anything from it, but it did stop me from killing myself. For that reason I would say go and try it at least, by the sounds of it you need some help
  4. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    I have been sectioned once. It was awful, but it also saved my life. I wish I had volunteered into hospital instead though, that would have made it all easier. There was a lot of legal paperwork, thus I was released later than I would have been with just hospitalization.

    With the symptoms you describe, they could section you immediately where I live. I don't know much about the healthcare outside Scandinavia and US, but it should be the same in all modern countries, I suppose (otherwise it would be weird).
  5. shazwackers

    shazwackers Well-Known Member

    Ive been in hospital both voluntarily and by section many times, and believe me it is much better to go in on a voluntary basis. I have bipolar and am in and out of hospital regularly. I'm so sorry for the tough time you are having and if you could find the strength to go to A&E and be assessed it would be better than being sectioned later on against your will.

    I wish you all the very best.........shaz
  6. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies..How would I go about doing it voluntarily? I'm really worried about making a fuss and looking like an attention seeker. I also know it would scare a lot of people who care about me xxx
  7. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    Sectioning is the last resort - it involves a MH Act assessment.

    If you want to go in voluntarily, you just say you want help- if you're in the UK, getting admitted as an inpatient is trial-error, it really depends on who you see at an assessment- as you found out about being threatened; I went through many many years of this and when I was very suicidal recently and said so, I was told I was too articulate.

    Sectioning can happen when- you have little or no "insight", you have no support, etc etc. and you refuse to go in voluntarily and they think you will definitely kill yourself or another person, and you're unmanagable in the community and have little support there.

    Do you have CMHT care? Or if you have a Crisis Team you could get in touch with them and ask if they could keep an eye on you seeing as you're so fragile and suicidal- which means, if at any time you feel like you can't cope and you're going to do it, they'll hear you and take necessary steps to help you, outpatient or admitting you to hospital for however long.
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  8. ballinluig

    ballinluig Well-Known Member

    like the post before me, have a look in your fone book or look up on line for your nearest community mental health team, telephone them up 1st thing tomorrow and tell them how bad ur feeling. they will ask to see you or send you to hospital or nearest psyc hospital. Hope you can get a lift or bus.

    you will see 2 drs and perhaps a psychiatrist to ask u some simple questions like what are you feeling? suicidal!!and a few more questions, nothing hard you just say how u are feeling and whether you would try and commit suicide and they will talk together and say 1) go in voluntarily 2) be sectioned.

    PLEASE don not be sectioned. its so hard to go through the system and this can take months 3/4/5/6 months. Once your in this system you will be plagued always.
    If you go in on your own free will you get to have disicions(sorry cant spell very good) on your treatment.

    I went in hospital, a&e after an overdose, and the next day i saw 2 drs, they asked me would i try again and all i said was yes most definatly. so i got the choice, so went in vol. as told my a friend never get sectioned if poss.

    so hope this helps. try and just get through tonight, find your fone numbers for morning,
    take care babe, donnaxxx:girlpower
  9. shazwackers

    shazwackers Well-Known Member

    The simplest route is via A&E at your local hospital.

    You will see a duty psychiatrist who has access to the local psychiatric ward.............
  10. ballinluig

    ballinluig Well-Known Member

    Morning G-L, how u feeling this morning? u might have gone to school by now if ur feeling a wee bit better.

    you need to get help today babe. dont go on suffering, u can get help. either fone a&e or go yourself. tell them how ur feeling.

    in the past have u been admitted to hospital due to past attempts?

    know it might be hard but u really do need to get some proffesional help.

    i'll log on tonight to see how things are, but im hope u would of got somehelp today.
    take care donnaxx
  11. toffeekitten

    toffeekitten Well-Known Member

    Thank you..I see a CPN once a week who isnt the greatest as you may have seen in my other threads. she knows about my symptoms and just talks to me and says im coping fine..end of. I would never choose to be sectioned, but I just want the option! I would have to get to my A and E first tho and I know for a fact I wouldnt get a lift there.
    Feel shite Donna, and no I haven't. probably should have tho..
  12. ballinluig

    ballinluig Well-Known Member

    G-L, ive pm u. xxxx please get back to me xx im n here now till 2.45 xx:IrishDoll:

    ive also sent u an email. let me know ur ok. donnaxx
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