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Practical Advice Seeing things clearly

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Hello all. It is often thought people feeling suicidal are blinded by mental anguish and pain and so can't see a brighter, more hopeful future ahead.
Well that is pure crap. People who are suicidal see things very. very clearly and what they see is ultimately horrifying.
I've made my plan, just need to <mod edit . methods> and I'm out. So please, anyone here feeling suicidal, it just means you see people and the world for it is. And it is the stuff of nightmares. No one will mourn us when we're gone. They'll pretend to but that will only be to assuage some guilt they feel. What c*nts. Where were they when you were alive.? Let them feel every ounce of guilt until the day they die. That is all.
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Welcome to SF.
I'm not sure that suicidal people don't see things clearly. I don't think my suicidality is always just being blinded by pain. Sometimes suicide seems logical and I think it may actually be. I'm not choosing suicide because suicide is one option. And that you're coming here tells me you also have something that tells you there may be another option. Not that I can always hear that voice.
I hope you stick around SF to find a place you love here. I'm glad you're here. Even though I don't know you at all. I'm glad you've found us and hope you can get some of what you're looking for.
There is no way we, or I, can fathom what brought you to this place. My story is different to yours, and I'm assuming I'm a lot younger than you. I can't know your pain. I can feel your pain for it's what I live through. There's only one way to come find this place.
Sending virtual hugs and sunshine.


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Hello @Dark111
Welcome to SF :)
I’m so glad you found sf it isn’t that easy to find. I came across whilst looking at things I probably shouldn’t have been looking at, at the time. And it saved me.

I hope whatever demons you’re feelings right now go away. Sf is a fantastic place to come when you’re feeling this way, whether you wanna talk to some people through chat, which is great btw, or whether you need to write it all down on forum.
I’m so sorry you feel this way as it’s a really shit way to feel :( I hope you find some clarity here

all the best
For what's worth I actually really do like your avatar (as I'm sure Walker does) - I've always found the concept of a phoenix fascinating and always found them beautiful and majestic. Are you surrounded by a lot of negative or fake people that are making you doubt your self-worth or the compliments you get?

I think maybe it would help you if you made another thread with some specifics about the situation you are in and what you have been through in your life. Maybe, it would also help if you got some suggestions on how you can help yourself - there are tons of treatments out there. Have you ever sought treatment (therapy, medication etc.) for the way you are feeling?

I hope you can feel better soon. Sending hugs *hug10*sadhug.
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