Seeking legal advice & emotional support.

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    Long story short I was seeing this guy for about fifteen months. He was the first guy I was with after I found out I got herpes from the first guy I slept with in college. The guy I was seeing, lets call him J, we were together for so long and he knew about my herpes, would have sex with me unprotected, but wouldn't commit to me. Recently, I started going crazy. He was so abusive to me emotionally, treated me like shit, never took me on a date, but was always down to fuck. But then he would say how he wanted to marry me one day and we have talked about children together? He knew how emotionally damaged i already was, but he just continued to destroy me. He laughed at my herpes and called me all these awful things, I was in such a dark place and so depressed so last Saturday night I told him I wanted to kill myself, but he still felt the need to kept saying emotionally crippling things to me. So the next night I left a suicide note blaming him for my death, I didn't end up hurting myself, came close though. Can he sue me for using his name in my note, even though I told him I was thinking about it and he kept egging me on?
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    How could he sue you for telling the truth
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    What do you mean by a kindness?
    Thank you for your imput!
  4. I can't give you legal advice, both because I'm not qualified, and also I believe it's illegal to give legal advice if you're not a lawyer. So this is not legal advice. But I doubt you have much to worry about, and it's far more likely that if he is threatening that it is just some way to intimidate you. I went through this a few years ago with someone who sweet talked me (and several dozen other people) online, and I eventually loaned her a few thousand dollars. That was a scam I quickly found out, but in the process of notifying everyone else involved there was a lot of threats of lawsuits of defamation or harassment or some such. I actually called the cops over it, and they basically just said there was nothing to worry about, it was just a way of trying to intimidate me into not suing her ass.

    Didn't mean for a long personal story, but given the history you describe I'd bet its pure intimidation.