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Hi! I'm Thomas from Norway. Nice to meet you all!
I wasn't sure where to add this post, so I just try here. Sorry.
I want to make some friends. Hope is appropriated.
About me, im depressed and social phobic, got some personality disorders aswell.
I'm often online as I don't have much else to do. Just playing games, chatting and listening to music. Not much else to tell. That's me, I wanna know about you!
My msn is [email protected]


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WELCOME to SF...hope you will feel alright and meet some ppl to share here.
I am glad you found us.
I am often online too. I enjoy having the access.

You may also want to put this post in the new member thread at the top.
Talk to u soon,

TLA :cool:
Count me in as a friend. I also suffer from social anxiety, though there are times I seem completely comfortable.. it all depends on who I'm with, as is probably the case with most of us who have these problems. I'm living near Washington D.C. I don't really like living here.. though it's not bad here, and I'm lucky to have the privileges I do. I just get tired of the social culture, though that may not even be a regional issue. However, I may consider moving somewhere new if the opportunity is available. Change can be good. I'd like to live somewhere where life is less stressful, and where I could find a lot of like-minded friends and simple lifestyle that allows personal freedom and a job that is not very time consuming. Then again, who doesn't want that..
I'll be your friend, I have anxiety disorder, BPD, OCD tendencies, Major Depressive disorder, PTSD, agoraphobia. I am getting divorced, I am 20, I live in the USA. I like old movies, internet, antiques, different coultures, betty boop, indian art, I collect crosses, I like photography, I read self-help books, going to a day treatment center for mentally ill.

By the way, welcome to SF, if you need anything just let me know.

.... :) ;) :hug:

Take care,

PS my MSN: [email protected]
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Hi Thomas and :welcome: to the forum. I've moved your thread to the welcome/introduction section as it should get more notice there. Hope you soon feel at home here and make plenty of friends.
:welcome: to SF Thomas. I am glad you found us and decided to post. I am sure you will find many people to talk with here that understand how you feel. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Take care. :hug:


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Welcome to the forum Thomas!:smile: Hope you make a lot of friends here - I did.:smile: I'll be your friend.:smile: :smile: My background is Norwegian on my dad's side - his parents were born there and emmigrated to the US. Hope to talk with you soon.


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