Seems like I'm not allowed time to be selfish...

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    A few days back I was sorta ok-ish, and having occasional humourous banter with other users in the chatroom, until someone decided to get sarcastic with me for noticing a mis-spelling of my first name. This user did know how its spelt - having on 2 separate occasions (since removed off for the 2nd time), had me as a friend off of here on Facebook.

    As a result - I am not allowing anyone who knows what my name is - to call me by any nicknames that would normally be just taken as that. I am now seeing it as a form of verbal abuse, where I'm quite irritable and jumping quite hard on some as a result.

    Fast forward a few days, and I get an off site sms - again from a user of SF - basically assuming something about me. I don't feel it is right for me to name and shame these users, but I don't like assumptions of me not caring. Those who know me know i'm quite the opposite, just I have to rein it in a bit where I am in this irritable mood.

    Some say its better out than in, but with this volatile side of me surfacing quite frequently - I think its best that it's noted in a visible environment so people have the opportunity to understand why i'm so much quieter, and why i'm not always so 'hyper'

    Far be it from me to like this side of me, I'm just a bit tired of being the immature one - so I'm reserving my thoughts and bottling up a little more. Hopefully I can maintain music as a distraction because the other side isn't exceptionally pleasing.
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    I hope the music helps hun and if someone is bothering you here please pm administrator ok so something can be done h ugs
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    gary, i will try my hardest. . it's such a harbit. . i apologize in advance if i "f" up.... :hug: