seems like my family is the enemy

Discussion in 'Domestic Abuse' started by sunshinesunny, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. sunshinesunny

    sunshinesunny Well-Known Member

    hi i am sunny twent six years of age from pakistan
    i have a strange problem
    apparently my family comprising of mother two elder married sister and an now dead father have always been treating be very bad
    they gang together, make jestures at each other and if one ostracises me all the others support
    they mentally torchure me all the time, dont me associate with girls at all though they them selves have no such restraints for them selves
    they have always been jealous of me and deny me rightful educational opportunities
    make lame escuses
    lie to me
    be evasive all the time
    always create a fuss when i complain they say they wonnt listen to my nonsense for it hurts them but force me to take it
    put blames on me
    accuse me of what they actually do to me
    especially the mothers behavious is teh worst she and her daughters have always been socially antagonising me and if i complain they simply ask me to leave the house which i cant.
    they scheme and make ploys to engage me and have at one time severly beaten me with the help of their sons in law both older and much more well bulit
    they keep me weak and dont allow me any support. if i say some one will help me they simply say. take your bed to his house

    apparently there are some relatives, neighbourers and society in general is supporting them. I have no friends seems i am an out cast its all so scary

    i dont know how so much time passed in all the worries i am 26 oh my god
    should i just kill my self
  2. shoegal

    shoegal Member

    Hey hunnie, i kinda kno wat thats like although, physiucally ive never had to go through something as severe. It msut have been heart breaking to have your won family men and women gang together to beat you. You're twenty-six and not a little girl nemore and you have full rights to being an adult. My suggestion is to find some way out of the house so you dont need them. Its going to be har no doubt, but at least itll give u a chance to find happiness in your own life. be patient and work hard, and dont tell them wat ur plans are bc it sounds like they might try to change your mind. Best of muck hunnie. I really pray for you.
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