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  1. kushioncut

    kushioncut Active Member

    I have been depressed for over 6 moths. Am on 2 anti anxiety meds and one depression med. Been on depression med for a mmonth. The dr says its to early to tell if its working. The only change i see is drastic weight gain.

    I went to my fam dr today. She tells me that my dizziness, shortness of breath and back pain are all caused by anxiety. My back pain is the worse, I cant sleep because of it. She made no changes to my meds, but took me off from work for 3 days to try to plan for my belongings which are being threatned to be thrwon in a dumpster. I plan to use three days to see if I can give my stuff away, especailly sentimental stuff. I just cant find no hope. My therapsit gets upset with my=r when I tell her that one fo her suggestions wont work.

    I have been reaching out for help for weeks, and the only thing I get is "" give the meds time to work" what the ehck am i going to do if they dont? I cant wait another 6 weeks to try different meds.

    I think tonight if I cant sleep, I will be taking a lot of otc meds to try to knock me out. I cant stand the psin anymore.
  2. Samara

    Samara Account Closed

    Is there some kind of free group therapy or hospital (government paid) group that you could attend to at least give you some coping help, and a place to get better feedback or to be heard etc...?

    As for your things... is there really no one who could hold a box or two of your sentimental items? The pain you must be feeling right now, because of the idea of your things all going to a dumpster, must be beyond explainable in terms of words here on this forum. Is there some kind of way that you could find somewhere to keep some of your items?

    As for the therapist getting upset about her suggestions, try explaining to her why they will not work, or more of what you are looking for. Sometimes the suggestions of others don't factor in everything else that we have going on, or don't think deep enough about what else they would affect if we were to implement them. Try discussing that with her to give her a better perspective of what would work for you.

    I don't disagree with you that meds alone are just not enough to hold onto, meds are in place for certain things out of your control; but when it comes to most of your thoughts, or your emotions; those are things that can be taught control, and can be taught how to function as you need etc... I am sure you probably know this.

    Ask your therapist about cognitive behavioural therapy, or other kinds of therapy. Perhaps a therapy that gets you involved while others are around; instead of a therapy that feels more like homework that you take home and have to try and do all alone, would be more of what you are looking for? Could you ask your therapist for recommendations therein perhaps?
  3. 1Lefty

    1Lefty Well-Known Member

    May I call you Sue? I'm glad you're here. At least you have a refuge, where we'll listen to you. We don't judge or criticize.
    I'm sorry you're not getting the help you need from the meds, or the Drs. I sorry, that all I can do is what's already been suggested "Give the meds a chance to work" It took over 2 years to get the right combo, of the right meds, at a proper time, and either before or after meals. It's a pity that still so little is known about diagnosing mental illness, much less what is effective. I'd suggest a notebook, a log of EVERYTHING health related - a headache, weight gain, problems sleeping, persistent lack of interest in anything. Abnormal bruising, constipation, itching. Write it all down, let your Doc and anyone else you're seeing , filter out if its relevant to you. I did exactly that, and was able to say"See, here's what you've prescribed 3 months ago, and that's exactly when this result happened." Be your own advocate.
    If your community has a good mental health center (call NAMI for references), get a case worker involved too. Sometimes they have access to programs, etc. that maybe you or I don't, or have power to motivate a doc a little more.
    And keep coming here, posting, you'll find others much like yourslf. Like me, and I wish I had known about it years ago. Maybe your doc can subscribe something to help with sleeping - proper rest can really help .
    But above all, welcome. We all try to help each other
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