Seing things AGAIN

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    Well I was doing fine, I'd stopped seing things so much and I was just hearing voices every now and then and even the thoughts were slipping away... I don't know why but I have been seeing things for the past two weeks and I'm having more and more trouble convincing myself that they are not real. The paranoid thoughts have come back and I've developed more of them. It's much worse than it has been because it's not just the usual technology fears and government conspirices it's all paranormal stuff too which I've never had before. Also seeing things and hearing things is making me jumpy and freaks me out alot especialy when iI have trouble telling myself it's not real. This SUCKS I fucking hate this!!!!:blink:
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    I am sorry to hear that you are having hallucinations more and your voices are still there. I really think you need to tell your pdoc okay so you can get change in your medication call emergency maybe see a doc there sooner so they can stabilize you take care.