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Self care app suggestions?


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Ever since I have been seeing physiotherapist, dietician and psychotherapist... They have figured out a guidance system (aka activities) that works best for me, the rest is I do that and they even give me a strict timeline to stay on track with practices. But my time management has been out of hand and I figured that best to use an app as its the easiest way for this that it is crucial for me to keep track of all healthy lifestyle changes. This is all I need to focus on.

I don’t want to write it down on journal (for medical record) anyway, its very messy and cluttering. I want to keep it as minimal as I can...

I am really desperate to keep track of my food, exercise, sleep and for the mind. I wish there’s all in one rather than separate...?

I don’t want something like this....


Do you guys have app suggestions? Hehe thanks!!
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I recommend the Microsoft "To do" app. You'd have to grab the info for diet and exercise from somewhere else, but what I did was to write everything I wanted to get done the following day on that app and then checking the boxes after ur done. Otherwise just paper and pen and write it all down day-to-day. It won't be cluttered if you keep the checkpoints simple and divide them into small parts.

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