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Self Care Challenge


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Hi Everyone!
I have been complaining for quite some time now and not doing anything about it! I know like everyone here that only I can control myself, even if it feels sometimes I don't have control. I've decided I need to do something except just talking so I am presenting a self-care challenge.

The reason I am making it a challenge is I need accountability and I decided inviting others to the challenge will help me be accountable to myself. Like most people I give all kinds of reasons for not practicing self-care, even though I know I 'should' and know how and what is good for me. So this is not going to be some big change thing but smaller things that I can focus on each week. These will be mind, body and spirit activities for self-care. As any self-care activity influences other self-care, even thought an activity may be focused on one area, it can help other areas. Such as studies have shown that physical self-care improves mental health.

Each activity has a journaling task with it. Journaling can be completed in whatever way you are most comfortable.

For the first week, I chose a Body topic to focus on.
Task #1 Body Scan

This takes about a total of 20 minutes.
Find a quiet place and turn off all electronics! Disengage! Set a timer for 15 minutes. Either lie down or sit comfortably.
Do a mental body scan starting with your feet and moving up to your head. Do not clench muscles or anything physical. You are concentrating on asking your body what you are feeling. How do your feet feel? Your legs? Your intestines? Your stomach? Your back? Your head? etc.
Do this slowly just listening to your body. When you reach your head, reverse and go back down to your feet.
After completing the 15 minute scan, journal and answer these questions:
What did your body tell you?
How did it feel?
Do you need to do anything to take care of your body?

My answers:
My feet are sore; my legs feel weak; i feel slightly constipated; my back aches; my shoulders are tight; my head is tense; I'm thirsty; my stomach is full.
Despite all the negative things my body told me, I enjoyed the activity. It kind of rejuvenated my mind. It felt good to just listen to my body.
What I need to do is drink more water and move more. I have always known this but have avoided in recent times and not listed to my body. I will need to focus on drinking more water and less caffeine this week and trying to start walking some which I've been avoiding.

Next step: Practice doing body scans throughout the week, maybe shorter to get them in. Increase water and try to get some walking in.

Anyone wanting to join in please do!!!


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Day #2, Still on Body Scan
After yesterday I thought I needed to get up and try and walk my dogs before work. Well, good intentions and all that, the bed was too comfortable! During work all day I didn't even think of all those intentions!
Once I stopped work, I remembered "Drink water!" so I did get water instead of a soda.
After I ate dinner, I thought, "need to walk the dogs". I did force myself for just a 15 minute walk; better than nothing, I guess!
After I got back I did a quick 5 min body scan.
I noticed my left thigh and left lower back aching where I have a pinched nerve. Happens when I don't have enough exercise. Otherwise not too much. I did enjoy the body scan if nothing more than relaxing for 5 minutes getting my mind off everything and focusing on listening to my body.
Will continue to try to remember during the day!

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