Self-care is exhausting

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    Self-care is EXHAUSTING (lol); namely, maintaining a decent eating habit. I had been underweight my whole life until last year, which made sense because I wasn't even eating three meals a day, usually. Nowadays, I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, and I've aimed to consume about 2200 calories regularly, yet I'm still quite slender, even despite the muscle mass that I've gained over the last 6 months. With depression in mind, eating that much food is hard enough. How much more do I need to eat just to not be skinny...? Having a fast metabolism BLOWS. Some would think that it's a blessing... NOOO, dude--it's the worst. I just want a normal metabolism... so I can eat normally... and have a normal, corresponding physique.
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    My sister has the same issue, she's very thin, she doesn't want to gain weight but needs to. Have you tried eating lots of nuts and drinking protein shakes as supplements to your diet? Do you exercise a lot? Maybe use my fitness pal to track everything you are eating so you can see where you are slipping up, best of luck to you. I'm currently trying to lose weight and it's so so hard :(
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    Well, I've done a bit of research, and apparently I need about 2500 calories a day, since I'm male, and I've only barely consumed more than a woman would (2000 calories). Welp... Shit! Ugh... Eating is HARD! I can do it though. Considering what I've just now learned, it may be questionable whether or not I even have a fast metabolism. We'll just have to see.
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    I do eat a lot of nuts, around 40 pieces a day at least, and I drink protein shakes every day, usually as a post-workout supplement. I exercise almost every day. Really, I don't think I'm exercising too much--I'm probably not eating nearly enough to compensate for the amount of calories that I burn every day, which is, depending on the exercise, perhaps 200-500 calories. Even so, having a tracker seems like a good idea. Thank you. I wish I had some solid advice to offer, but I've only ever tried to gain weight :(.
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    Have you considered talking to a dietitian or your doctor? Gaining weight is very difficult and not all kinds of food will help you gaining... it's good that you're exercising too, that should help you gain muscle mass, and also, it's very healthy for your brain. Keep up that good work!

    I know a lot more about weight loss than I do about gaining... sorry about that.
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    To correct the latter part of that sentence, I meant to say that I barely use more than a woman would, not consume. In other words, I'd consume more than 2200 calories, burn 200-500 calories, and I'd use about 2200 calories overall.
    The same goes for this quote.
    I've been thinking about talking to a dietitian since last night; it would be quite helpful. That's true--I've been making it a priority to eat healthy. This is the second time that someone other than family has told me something around the lines of "Keep up that good work!" in regard to my exercise. I smile every time. :D

    You don't have to apologize! That's understandable.