self destruction is imminent(maybe trig)

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I am miserable here. I suck at making friends but thats ok because they will stab me in the back anyway. Before I go I will treat every girl i meet like a worthless whore because they deserve it in advance for making me a doormat. I don't know when i will go for sure but i'm at the point where i'm not even crying anymore. i don't care about anything. I am way to nice to people to go through this. So fuck them. 'wahhh don't kill yourself or i will be sad for a few days but i'm a selfish human and want you to live because i only care about my own feelings.

Finally i might get replies unlike my other posts. No one gives a shit about what I feel until I threaten killing myself because hey its not their problem. And helping someone pull out of suicide will boost their suicide counseling ego. So don't deny it you know thats why.


i am sorry that you feel this way, but it is unfair to judge people because of your own bad experiences in the past. i know a few people on here and the ones i talk to regularly are very nice people. also just because you feel bad, doesnt mean that it should be taken out on the innocent people, again with your comment "every girl", only a minority of girls are bad, you have just been unlucky with the girls you have me in the past.

when people say that about i will be sad if you go, do not mean it in that way. it should be taken as a compliment that you are cared for in such a loving manner by others. finally yes, people do help others on here to help themselves, and i dont see how that can be seen in a bad way, surely it is a win win situation, and since when has helping others not felt good?


i think i can speak for all of us on this site in saying we have been dealt a pretty poor hand in life. the only thing really we can do is make the most of it, who knows we may bluff our way to the jackpot.

i am sorry not many people had replied to your posts in the past, i havent seen you around tbh. i hope you can stick around though.


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i am sorry if you have posted and not gotten any replies... i do know that everyone here is strugling and is not always in a state where they feel they can reply wiht anything worth saying...
we all do try to do what when we can.. but sometimes it does not seem to be enough...

i do hope you will reconsider as i know many females that deserve respect and treat others with respect... i do not think you will feel good doing to others what i gather has been done to you...

as for you wanting to su... i believe that is a mistake also...


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Ha ha... that is right people do the same to me. I am nothing but a play thing for them.. but i have figured them out. Oh yeah they only need something too look nice and pretty while they walk all over me. I am on to them. And female Ha forget them they do not even give me the time of day.

And I have noticed that as well... I get posts sometimes but the really popular threads that people keep coming back to are the ones with suicide threats in them... werid...

Anyway, one day I will snap as well... I really with that day was today.


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on the way to work today, i had to pull over three different times to throw up but i went to work anyway because i just don't care. I also still have a terrible migrane. I guess its finally starting to kill me.
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