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    i'm 13 so i'm a teenager and if i say i have problems most people think it's just a phase and it will go in a few months or so. well to be honest i feel like it never going to be over. i really do hate that they think that just because i am a teenager it will be a phase of cutting. i cut a lot now these day's, i have over 26 cut's on my wrist's. i'm in lost of pain and then like the pain sometimes. sometimes i love to cut myself i will just sit on my bed and <mod edit - details> and i won't cry at all. i think about killing myself a lot like all the time. when you are a human there are so much you have to do it feels like it's not living for. and when you have a voice in your head all the time then there no point.
    try to stay strong most of the time.
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    Sometimes it's a phase... but it's not so for some people. Even if being a 'troubled teenager' can be a phase, cutting is a lot more severe than that. No one goes to such an extreme just for the fun of it.
    It takes a lot of strength and support to overcome this, especially at your young age. If I remember correctly your parents know? And you're getting help?
    Other than the obvious advice of 'try to distract yourself when you get the urges' (which does help in the short term. I personally write, paint, crochet, cook, clean etc... what ever keeps my fingers busy).

    But being honest about what is happening to you, seeing a specialist and getting help is the real advice here. Please stop before it's too late. If you want you can write to me anytime you want to, hun.

    I see myself in a lot of this post... I started cutting when I was 13, but no one ever knew. It's only in recent years I've started wearing short sleeved shirts in the summer... and I so regret it. Most of my worst scars are from when I was 13, 13 years ago. I wish I had told someone, I wish I had someone to turn to and could say "Please help me, I want to stop".
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