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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by kizzybaby, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. kizzybaby

    kizzybaby Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, looking to write a blog post, and do some research over summer on peoples experiences with mental health proffessionals? Ive had really mixed experiences, some good some not so good (i havent had any harrowing ones like other people seem to have had!, but some have been really unpleasant) I was wondering if anyone has had positive/negative experiences they remember and think have affected their recovery in a good or bad way.
    Also if anyone does work with people who self harm, and maybe wouldnt mind having a quick chat about it, could they contact me at my blog? address is on sf somewhere, but here it is again: www.katieinwonderlandx.wordpress.com

    Thanks. xx
  2. GoldenPsych

    GoldenPsych Well-Known Member

    Like you I have had some good and bad.

    I have had docs say well what's the point in stitching you up if you are just going to cut again.

    I did challenge one doc once about his attitude and I said if that's the way it is I am going to go...so he said "that's right, typical, you come in get what you need use resources and fuck off, only to come back again when it suits you"!

    There is one nurse who I refer to as bitchnurse. She has featured a few times in my blog. She is just evil. She says things like "I thought you were going to sort your self out, yet here you are again"! That was when i was taken in by police just before I was put on the 136. I can't blame her for it as it was my own stupid behaviour but it was her saying that and the thought of crisis team which made me reluctant to go back in when I was being escorted for cig. So that landed me hand cuffed and in the 136 suite. My hand is still not recovered as caused nerve damage.

    There is one nurse, who I think is a band 6. But he is always lovely. He asks how I am. He unfortunately recognised me when I was escorting a service user there. But he made the point of pulling me to the side and asking how I was and how things were going.

    That's in the ED.

    On the wards (bloody hell just how many times have I been in hospital) there are a couple of nurses who I know now and they are nice to me. They ask what's going on. But there are others who when I ask if I can go say things like "well you shouldn't have been so stupid". Also one I have had is I overheard a nurse talking to another nurse when I asked if I could go saying "well it's her own fault she's here, if she didn't want to be here she should of thought about that before she tried to kill herself".

    Mental health staff...

    If anyone else tells me to take a fucking bath....
    "I get anxious and I know I am going to self harm and at that point there is no point in me calling crisis team"

    "Have you tried taking a bath"?

    Seriously, what the hell is a bath going to do. I don't like baths. It's also really patronising.

    Nurseman Mike at first was really patronising. But he's got that he isn't as he has got to know me. He is blunt with me and tells me how it is. Although I really don't like his behavourist approach. I don't like how he says "it's your choice". Maybe at first it was but it has now gone beyond choice.

    I have also been told

    Get a pet (this was from a doctor)
    Cut more often (from a mental health nurse)
    Wear an elastic band on your wrist.
    Punch a pillow.

    There's loads.

    Unfortunatly I have lost count of the amount of times I have been in hospital and have attended the ED because of self harm or suicide attempts.This year alone I have had 4 emergency ED trips (the needle in my arm, the od and cutting, another od and cutting and the infection from cutting) on top of that because of the infection I had to keep going back to clinic and think I went about 4 times with that.

    It's ridiculous. I can understand why they would be so harsh with me. I wish there was some kind of centre that was voluntarily run that you could go to to get stitched up where they aren't going to ask questions and will just stitch you up.

    Mental health training also. Compassion, empathy.

    The most recent experiences I have written about in my own blog regarding the needle in my arm and the experience with the surgeon who treated me like something he had stepped in!

  3. kizzybaby

    kizzybaby Well-Known Member

    yeah, i keep up with your blog so i know youv had similair experiences. Im actually quite lucky in that sense. In our hospitals here, when someone presents at A&E to have a self harm wound seen to, nurses are now told to treat the wound, offer info regarding helplines, support, samaritans-kind-of-shit and the patient may leave. The days of enforced psych assesments etc for a self inflicted wound are long gone. (well a couple years anyway) Obv if someone is presenting other symptoms that are of worry, they may be assessed, but people are no longer required to see mental health team on presenting self injury. My aunt is a psych nurse (she works A&E a lot, thus my utter refusal to EVER go there) and she tells me that its really distressing to be involvintarily assesed by psych team for this without asking for it. Self harm is now seen as a coping mechanism, especially people with a history of it. They clearly know what they are doing, they have presented at hosp when required and should be allowed to be responsible for their own body. It becomes a waste of resources when people are forced to use crisis teams and psych services that they do not want to. and its offputting, it makes people wary of gpoing for needed stitches etc, they fear being strapped to a board and having their head electrocuted. Also, last year i had an injury that was pretty bad, with muscle and fat tissue hanging out all over the place etc, but i WOULDNT go to A&E, partly due to my past exp with it, and partly because i couldnt have had my aunt see me like that at her work. My support worker took me to this other hosp in the city, and it had a little 'minor' injuries clinic, where you can get stitches etc, and have things looked at, as long as your not..you know..missing a leg or carrying your head or something. So thats a good resource i think. the nurses there were so lovely, and they were really carefull and everything. They didnt make a big deal out of the fact it was SI, they just dealt with the cut, which was all i wanted. Ive used it twice since, and the second time i got three stitches, howled like a baby and STILL didnt get that 'how can you moan about the pain of a few stitches when youv wrenched your arm open with a blade' SHIT you sometimes get.
    There NEEDS to be more training and awareness raising. there really HAS to be :( xx

  4. dazzle11215

    dazzle11215 Staff Alumni

    i've had both good and bad experiences with mental health professionals. my current therapist (a psychotherapist) is amazing. really supportive. non judgmental. great in a crisis. i love her. the one before was a disaster. he actually told me he thinks, and i quote. "suicide is an abomination."

    i've had a cpn say she wouldn't work with me if i kept self harming. so i just lied to her and told her i'd stopped.

    i have a nice psychiatrist although i don't get to see her very often. the nurse she works with at the outpatient clinic is good, too.

    my pharmacist is great, even though i get my meds weekly (suicide risk) she doesn't make a fuss. she's very respectful.

    the only people i can't stand are the security guards in the mental health lockdown ER. bullies. i've seen them do horrible things to patients. antagonize people, bully them, put people in restraints who are only trying to verbally defend themselves. ugh.

    let me know if you want any more info...

    ps love your blog
  5. kizzybaby

    kizzybaby Well-Known Member

    thanks dazzle. jeez that cpn is a douche. what did she expect? 'ohhh right ok, u wont work with me!? dammit. i better stop the deeply embedded coping mechanism that is all i can rely on, an probably the only thing that keeps me alive because YOU wont work with me oitherwise. its all seems clear now. i dont need time to develop a life beyond it, i just need YOU to refuse to work with me, furthering the stigma that already plagues me' WANKER.
    Im the same, on weeklys, but it genuinely drives me crazy, im not as lucky as you in that it is the bain of my life visiting the bloody chemist, and i end up not taking meds properly because i just hate picking them up. :( xxxxx thank you for liking my blog, im off to read yours :)
  6. NotAnotherUserName

    NotAnotherUserName Banned Member

    You've posted that some where else!
    Trying to think where, so I have read it :D
  7. kizzybaby

    kizzybaby Well-Known Member

    what part? my rage at pharmacies? Or my blog in general? probably... :) x
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