Self harm seems to be my best therapy.

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by BeingMe, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. BeingMe

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    I started when i was 16, it went on for a year on my legs then i managed to stop for about half a year.
    Things once again got to much and i started again for another year i stopped just before my 19th birthday and decided to go doctors thats when i tried my first series of counselling sessions but i found them to be pointless, so i once again started after 5 months.
    Then came along my then girlfriend who asked me to seek help, i went to the doctors and was given anti-depressants i stayed on them for 6 months but i found they turned me zombie like so i came off them and tried a different type this went on until april of this year when things piled up to much and i tried to take my own life.
    Since then i have been to a different counsellor but still found it unhelpful and tried a different type of meds, once again non effective literally the only way i ever feel any better is when im cutting or burning my self im being to think that maybe some of us are just wired up to do one thing and thats be self destructive.
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    Hun it is a coping skill that all and it can be relaced with a less harmful coping skill one you can learn from your therapist It is very hard to let something go that has worked for you but in the long run it is harming you and it is living permant scars that cannot be erased hun Your gf was right to ask you to try to seek more help
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