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    I have recently joined and am embarking on my road to recovery. Don't know if there already is one, but I thought it might be nice to share a couple books I've found helpful and perhaps hear about other ones too.

    So far.......

    You can Heal your Life by Louise Hay (Hay House is a publisher of self help books set up by Louise Hay)
    Mind Flight by Lisa Whelan
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    'You can heal your life' is a good one, it helped me to see that we create the situation we are in and that you can chenge that.
    Is 'Mind Flight' good? Looks interesting. It's helpful to have positive ideas floating around you.
    I recently read 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' which is also an empowering read, it makes you feel like, yeah I can change my life actually.
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    Hi @IamTetsuo . Yes, the Mind flight one is very good. It helps you understand some meaning to life and its purpose. There is a bit in it about not wishing yourself away, for death comes to us all inevitably and our time will one day come, I found this very soothing last year when I read it. Also, that death is just a part of life and we should not mourn those that have already pass, but be joyful about their lives and that they lived, to inject our love for them back into the world etc.

    My Mind my Master is also very good, it's a little bible really, that one helps to understand our emotions better. Also how they effect illness.

    I've also got Eckhart Toll -the Power of now beside me atm, in fact it's been there a while, I just can't get into it!

    I'll look into your suggestion, that sounds a good one, thanks
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    Yes, I like that kind of thinking on death. It's absolutely a part of life - no death, no birth. Our way of looking at death is a bit mixed up, seeing something that's an inevitability as unacceptable is sure to create a lot of anxiety.

    The Power of Now is my absolute favourite. It struck a really deep chord with me and literally changed my life.
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    Oh really, I will stick with it then!