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self help books...

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Sooo... what do we all think of em? :unsure:

Personally I dont like them much and a lot of them just drive me up the wall... but still I'm interested about what everyone else thinks here.



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I absolutely love them... I have tonnes on every conceivable topic, although I don't actually read them. I think that by buying them and putting them on my bookshelves that they impart their knowledge by a kind of osmosis! Unfortunately, it hasn't worked yet! :mad:


I dont like reading them but I sure like to listen to them on audio book, especially when I am going to bed... lately I have been listening to 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey.


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I'm not sure whether they're self help books or not but I've found the works of the Dalai Lama really helpful.
I don't believe I've got any untapped potential, ability or greatness within me but I do believe that I have the ability to develop compassion for myself and other people.
WOW!! I can't believe I missed this thread.

Ones I have that I like & helped & I recommend.

I Hate you - don't leave me. By Jerold J. Kreisman, M.D., and Hal Straus. (on BPD)


Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified. By Robert O. Friedel, MD (on BPD)


Bright Red Scream. By Marilee Strong. (Self Harm)

Recovery of your self esteem. By Carolyn Hillman, C.S.W. (self esteem, anxiety)


Earth Medicine, By Jamie Sams.

There's a few :)

Some are helpful, some are not. They are written by people just like us, so how do we really know if they are really self helping or not?
What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmsetter
The success principles by Jack Canfield
Ask and it is given by Esther Hicks
How to get control of your time and your life by Alan Lakein

Just to mention a few.

They are all great. The problem is that they don´t work for you if you´re

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Sooo... what do we all think of em? :unsure:

Personally I dont like them much and a lot of them just drive me up the wall...
I'm doubtless generalizing here, but most of the ones I've read all ultimately crib from the same source: Napoleon Hill. Most famous for Think and Grow Rich, he also wrote a less well known (and far longer) work on The Law of Success. I would submit that Robbins, Maltz, Covey, probably Chopra, Og Mandino, Zig Ziglar, across the board take his work and change it around slightly, make up a few new buzzwords. Thus psycho-cybernetics becomes neuro-associative conditioning, etc.

Two big complaints: first they all over-promise and under-deliver, second in a weird way these people don't wind up being as successful as they advertise. Tony Robbins gets divorced, which I'd normally not say anything about, except that he goes on and on and on in his book Awaken the Giant Within how wonderful his marriage is, thanks to the secrets that he knows that he'll also teach you. Steven Covey buys a publicly trade company and does such a horrible job running it he is removed from day to day operations and is made into nothing but a figurehead. (They can't fire him, since his name is part of the company name.)

Actually, I have a third complaint: A lot of the authors of these things use them basically as advertising platforms to push seminars, or other books and CDs.


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I'll list my favorites and really there not in any order;

One Hundred Ways To Motivate Yourself ~ Steve Chandler

Reinventing Yourself ~ Steve Chandler

Real Magic ~ Wayne Dyer

Success is a Journey ~ Brian Tracy

Six Pillars of Self Esteem~ Nathaniel Branden

The Power of NOW ~ Eckhart Tolle

The Gift of Change ~ Marianne Williamson

Ask and It Is Given ~ Esther and Jerry Hicks ( the wisdom of Abraham )

Divine Intuition ~ Lynn Robinson

Conversations With God ~ Donald Neale Walsh

The Seth Books ~ Jane Roberts

The Science of Mind ~ Ernest Holmes


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The Road Less Travelled - M. Scott Peck

I've read it a couple of times, it's very straight forward and tells it like it is.. throws in a few case studies to keep you interested. If you were 'really' intent on actively implementing his suggestions, it could work out for you. Shame I'm not :laugh: .
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