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Does anyone know anything about self help books as an aid to relieving mental illness and/or changing the quality of your life? There seem to be a few about, I`m interested to know which, if any, are useful or whether they are just a cynical cash in devoid of any benefit (as I suspect a few of them are). Over here (England) there is a very charismatic man called Tony Robbins that comes on TV quite a lot telling us to `Get The Edge` ie. buy his products (you Americans are probably alot more familar with this guy than me).
Someone on one of the other threads mentioned Awaken The Giant which I also think is one of his books. I half suspect some of this literature is full of common sense ideas that we already know about, but they must have value or people wouldnt keep buying them.


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Tony Robbins is amazing! I actually met him once and he is unbelievably motivating! I used to have a set of his tapes called "Personal Power". They go through step-by-step changes you can make in your life, starting with making a very specific list of what you want in life, from work to money to relationships and kids. Then he gives you small exercises to do at the end of each tape to help you get there. When Tony Robbins started his career (he tells you this on the tapes) he was 60 lbs overweight and living in a rat-infested apartment, totally depressed. Then he decided to emulate the people he admired most in life and it turned his life around. He is not just a motivational speaker, he has gotten where he is doing exactly what he tells you to do.

Michael Jordan used him as a personal life coach for years.

Get the Personal Power tapes-they can change every aspect of your life.
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