Selfish adults 'damage childhood'

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  1. Mayal

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    I found this article quite interesting. And whilst i agree with some of the points made, i also note that yet again, women are being singled out for some paticularly harsh criticism...

    What i find interesting is that despite the number of organisations contributing to the report, it still seems to be based on the idea that women are the caregivers, although the language is careful to avoid being upfront about it.

    I guess i would be interested to know whether people think that the traditional roles of gender within the home is something that is down to nature or down to tradition.

    Personally, i think we are a society that is too focused on personal success and finance, but then, can we be expected to act differently when we have a media and government who continually express this as a need rather than a want?
  2. GabrielConroy

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    I think that due to the fact that the overwhelmng majority of societies that there is some kind of natural dispostition to have the women be the caregivers. Im guessing this is primarily a result of physical features; the women carry and give birth to the kid and the women feed the baby in the early stages too. Probably because of these things leading to the women naturally caring for the baby traditions grew out that the women are the caretakers. (maybe this is the original source for the entire gender social seperation)

    That said we are in no way obligated to stick to the "natural" way of doing things and I wouldnt restrict a womens role in our society.

    As for raising kids I'm not of much use being an immature 19 year old and all. :laugh:
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