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Selfish and self-centered people!

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It fucking amazes me that some people can be so selfish and self centered. I mean this is a support site right. And we all need support at times.

Its not always about YOU YOU YOU. Do you get that you idiot! Its not just about you.

Could you have some compassion or empathy for someone else that might be tender and wounded in an area you are not?

You don't even understand what you did and then accuse me of "spoiling your day".

Hun you aren't the only person with evil parents and horrible things to have happened to you and you like need to fucking get over it!

total eclipse

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im sorry someone was insensitive to you and to others sometimes people are so wrapped up in their own pain they do not see others hugs to you texaskitty


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I just saw this post and I have to say Angie, I couldn't agree with you more! It's funny to see though, some people are so ignorant they can't see past their nose. I guess down the line sometime when they are left by themselves and nobody is their to listen to them is when they'll be at the realization of it all. Too late then but what can you do unfortunately. :hug:


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Hi A...I wrote this poem, Egoism, a while ago, after being in chat when someone said he was going to hurt himself and a member was talking about the most banal thing, ignoring the pain of this member:

Take a look
what do you see?
Billions on the planet!
Why is it
you think this place
is where only you inhabit?

I am sorry some1 was so insensitive...it does hurt...I know that first hand...J
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