Selfish Rage

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    Each cut splits my skin,
    And I enjoy watching the blood,
    Trickle so thin.
    But I've had enough,
    Of seeing just thin bloodlines.
    Time to take things rough.

    So as I drag the blade deeper,
    I lacerate my skin in longer lengths,
    I see the reaper.
    But I can't stop here it's getting fun,
    I can't let go of this addiction.
    I savour the blood on my arms as it runs.

    I'm losing my sight,
    The lines become even more blurred.
    I fear I'm losing this fight.
    Nausea is crawling through my frail body,
    I fear the bloodloss is too much.
    If only this were a dream, if only.

    Rush to the cupboard,
    Tear open the door.
    Throw out the paper,
    Tools, jugs, so desperate.
    I can't find the wool,
    The anti-septic cream is gone.
    Apply pressure, cut off the blood flow.
    Stop the bleeding.
    If only I'd thought of the world before,
    Perhaps tonight would be a different story.

    Looking down on my family,
    I see you only as dots now.
    But, I'm screaming angrily.
    Watching you in tears,
    Staring at your blood-soaked floor,
    From my selfish rage to release all my fears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.