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    hey everyone,
    I don't really know what to say, all at this moment in time all i can think of is taking the tablets infront of me and just going to sleep, Ironically the last time I visted this forum was 23rd of April 2007.

    I've had yet another arguement with my mum (these happen every 2 days or so), sometimes I have done something wrong sometimes I haven't I think she does it because she needs a release from all the pressure thats on her (My dad died in 2006, she can't work because shes disabled, so we have very little money ect ect).

    I think im quite selfish because all I want to do is just leave disapear out of everyones way. I'm even on here telling you all my problems when you all have problems yourself.

    I can't remember the last time I felt this way possibly a few months ago but I didnt do anything about it I just went to sleep but this time I can't stop crying and thinking about what It would be like just to be gone out of everyones way. The last few times I have tried It didn't work I just woke up feeling like my head was gona explode and my stomach burned all day but this time I've got amitriptlyne (however you spell it) and quite alot of it. I think this time It could really happen and I'm sort of looking foward to it.

    I know its selfish and I know I should think about everyone around me but Isn't it selfish to keep myself alive?
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    sending you a pm
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