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    so i have a boyfriend. i love him very much. and i moved to indiana to be with him and continue my education with him. and well the only thing i dislike is i have ZERO friends here. and sometimes i think i need my girl time and i think my boyfriend would like some space. and sadly, its hard for me to give that to him because i have no vehicle and dont know how to drive, [yeah its sad, and im fucking 19 years old] secondly, i dont know my way around the area well enough to know where to go and how to get there.

    i posted a ad on cragslist for friends. i got two replies. it was just horny men, so i deleted them. i was thinking, shit, i just want a fucking friend like how fucking hard is that? like i still have my old friends from wisconsin and college, but it's like...i can't see them or go hang out ya know? its just really saddens me. and on top of that, i think i have applied for like a million jobs here. still no one wants to hire me. my boyfriend got hired like instantly though. like is there anyone on here from indiana? if so, hit me the fuck up cause we need to get to know each other or something okay? :) like, im not as mean as i sound in this thing, im just frustrated and it hurts.

    well, if anyone else has any ideas on how to get some friends lemme know. peace!
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    Hiya, beauutyy.

    I hope already feeling better than when you posted. Living in a new town can feel lonely until we make some friends.

    How long have you been living there? Are you taking some courses now or perhaps in September? College/uni classes and clubs or sports teams are a good place to meet people (and to distract us from worries and loneliness). Volunteer groups and community causes are also a way to meet people with similar values and interests.

    Job hunting these days is difficult. The current downturn in the economy and high unemployment rates make it harder. A few very lucky people these days get a job easily, despite the economic downturn. I wonder if your bf has some kind of specialized skills that helped him find work fast? Physical labor and computer technology jobs are the most numerous where I live. Maybe there's a government employment service for your area that could help you in your job search. Perhaps an employment agency could help.

    I'm sorry that I don't have more suggestions for you. Things will fall into place for you. Good luck and keep trying!

    PS: I was in my late twenties when I learned how to drive. I don't think it's at all sad that you're 19 and don't drive. :wink: