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Send Some Hugs to Someone!


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today all my thoughts and prayers = hugs go out to @sadcat odds are this post will just end up infuriating him more and i will become a bigger pain than what he is going thru taking his rounds of chemo trying desperately to slow down or kick his cancer into remission

I told you in the PM what would do in ways make a post document what it is like to go thru chemo all of it allow us into your world by reading your words your personal account leave a living legacy for people to be able to understand from @sadcats point of view bare your soul my friend so you and others might benefit in some ways today tommorrow and into the future

there are many people at SF that truely care but you have to allow them into your world to care as great as i am (just kidding ) I am no mind reader and no one else here is either so please open up tell all of
SF then allow us all to show you we do care and support you

I know your like me and time is not long= we get tired quickly i don't care do it as you can 1min 5mins etc at a time doesn't matter do what you can it just might help you and it sure might help others again to understand what it is like to be in your shoes knowledge is the greatest thing we can pass along to our fellow humans and to me this is your chance to step to the plate and deliver @sadcats story

61CcTjLt7UL._SL1200_.jpg Hugs-40.jpg images (19).jpg 05097ded9c595f6d645be1c4ae5262cd_3.jpg 77787.jpg
sometimes in life in order to be a leader you have to take risks for me this is one of these times in doing what i am doing i risk upsetting the vary person i am intending to care and comfort and allso might be upsetting others in the process allso but sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do and for me this is one of those times act -take a risk so atleast i know I tried before it is to late because i I would rather pay a price today than risk it being to late and living the rest of my life with what ifs I don't live that way

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