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"Send the mentally ill to Siberia to freeze to death" -- Rep. NH (R)

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A Republican House member said he doesn't think he needs to apologize for telling a voter he thinks eugenics and exile to Siberia are solutions to mental illness.

“Send the "defective people" to Siberia to freeze to death and clean up the population.” Rep. Marty Harty’s (R) Barrington answer to decreasing demands on the budget from those with mental illness, developmental or physical disabilities.
When asked by a constituent to please funds in the budget for the mentally ill and those with developmental disabilities, Rep. Marty Harty, R, Barrington responded with the following:

"I'm sorry I don't agree with your side. I and several of us in the state house believe in eugenics...I think the world is too populated. So we believe that there is too many defective people...You know the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical disabilities and drug addictions - the defective people society would be better off with out. I wish we had a Siberia so we could ship them all off to freeze to death and die and clean up the population. If you women didn't try to give yourself abortions, you wouldn't end up with defective children."

Eugenics? Sounds like a great idea.

Worked out great for the nazis after all.

We'll just have to be sure to do a thorough check on his family history and genetics to make sure he has no potential for any undesirable qualities.

But in all seriousness that dumbass just destroyed his political career. Honesty doesn't get you far in that field.


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Lol. And he's blaming DIY abortions for defective children. Another reason to legalize it I guess.

What's with the bit about physical disabilities? Wouldn't that also include missing limbs from accidents?..You'd have people being shipped off because of an industrial mishap.

The only 'defective' people are guys like him. And I'm ALL FOR shipping them off to better the gene pool, :laugh:.

edit: and to me this would come across as genocide. so the entire public should be laughing if he's suggesting something that's comparable to it.


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This is why I personally have meet 4 natural American citizens that elected to move to Canada or Germany permanently with the expressed intent to 'escape the American politics'.


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I looked for more articles on this and the man has since resigned. He was a freshman legislator at the age of 91. He must've forgot what living is all about.


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He sounds like Americas answer to Prince Philip. I personally find this more amusing in an elderly daytime TV comedy kind of way than irritating.


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I don't know how it is in America, but wouldn't he lose his political positon for such ignorant and dangerous statements?
There are these things called "Republicans" in the United States. They feed on ignorance. They'll probably praise this fellow for "saying what everyone's thinking".


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Forgive my ignorance, but I don't believe american politicians are that ignorant. :S I mean, there's no blur line for anyone to hide in on that one, at all.

Plus the dude was 91, he's passed his prime and I bet his thoughts aren't as structured as they used to be. Me being an agest bastard and all :yay: I wonder if it really is his age and mind that are the issue, then perhaps they should ship him off to Siberia :yay:


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No, they seriously are. Have you not heard about the many attempts to put creationism in school, to denounce evolution? The Supreme Court has ruled against that many times on the grounds of facts but they STILL try to do it. Or the vice presidential nomination supporting abstinence-only sex education in schools, which is proven to do NOTHING to rates of sex among teens, but only reduces the probability of safe sex?

They're anti-science, they're anti-facts. I'm sure he's far from the only Republican who wants to deport the mentally ill.


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That and the fact that he's 91. So he would have been growing up in the 1930's. So he probly supports all kinds of shit we've tried to leave behind in the 20th century.


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It reminds of another post on here at SF where the question was put as to who should have the right (and who is deserving) to consume the earths finite resources.
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