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    Sending a private message or having a private conversation with any individual, or a group of up to 5 individuals is easy to do on this forum. There are some differences between here and the old Vbulletin forum SF used to use and other forums you may have used however. This tutorial is to try to help simplify and explain how private conversations or private messages works.

    First, to make things simpler for old members used to the old forum message system, if you change the words "conversation" or "start conversation" with private message / send private message most will make sense anyway. Conversations can only be seen by people selected to be in the conversation, not other members of the forum. (However all forum rules/guidelines still apply)

    To see if you have any new messages or new conversations you will see a notice at the top right of th e orum when you have logged in - in this example picture there is 1 new message
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    By clicking on the inbox it will open another small preview window where you can get see the title and a bit from each message in your inbox-. It will also allow you to start a new conversation (send a new message) by clicking the link for that.

    When you click to start a new conversation it brings up the blank screen where you can add up to 5 people to the conversation. Start typing the members username and it will bring up a drop down menu and you can select the member to message from that.

    After entering subject (required) and the writing the contents of the message you may have other options like allowing people you are messaging to add others to the conversation to be included or to make it a send only message. These options depend on your member status and the type of message sent. Simply click "start a conversation" to send the message. To add images or files click the upload file if it is available to you.

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    You may also start a conversation (send a message) to another member by clicking on their member name and clicking " start a conversation" in the pop up box-
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    To reply to open and read the messages click the title either from the preview window or from the page for viewing all conversations in the preview window.

    After opening the message you can reply by simply typing in the reply box or choosing more options for a larger reply area for easier viewing of longer messages.

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    When you want to delete a message you "leave the conversation" . Caution- this permanently deletes the message and it cannot be recovered.

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    When you leave the conversation (delete the message) it will give you 2 important options
    1. You can choose to accept future messages in that message- (if one of the participants sends another reply after you have deleted it you will get the message in your inbox)
    2. Ignore Future Messages - (if anybody sends a reply in that message after you delete it you will not see the reply nor be advised it was sent)
    --- or if you left the conversation (deleted) by accident simply press cancel

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    If you have any questions or problems please feel free to ask or start a thread in Trouble Shooting section of the forum for assistance.