Separated Men With Kids - Don't trust CAFCASS !

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by hellonearth, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. hellonearth

    hellonearth New Member


    Domestically abused by my wife for 15mth, we have a young child . . . It's been verified independantly that I've been abused. CAFCASS have misrepresented things at court. I'm being denied proper contact to my child despite being verifed as a honest hard working guy.

    I've lost my big house and living in a 6 x 7 box room in a relatives house. Solicitors bills are huge and cant see my child.

    Evil bitch caused this and I simply have nothing left . . . nothing.

    No point in talking about this.

    You cannot change the biased system . . . .female agressor, female CAFCASS case worker . . . female judge.

    I've lost and nothing you can say can change that.
  2. NooSenseFantastika

    NooSenseFantastika Well-Known Member

    Stay strong, u may not be able to see ur kid right now, but im sure u will, if u fight hard enough for it.
  3. COURT IS A FARCE!!!!! And its appalling....:mad:

    But you will have many battles to fight if you wish to remain a part of your child's will be will seem impossible...! It will likely be never-ending...but SO IS THE PLACE YOU HAVE IN YOUR CHILD'S LIFE...and THAT is the reasons to go on...

    I've only been witness...but I KNOW what the positive outcome can be...

    You do NOT have to trust...only do not relent...

  4. onceupon

    onceupon New Member

    Man, I hear you. I can only see my little girl...she is 2...rarely. My ex wife has sole custody. It tears me apart inside...every second of my life. Reading your post actually helped me man. Someone else out there knows. I'm staying at a buddy's house. I lost my home also. I hear you. I really do. And thanks for posting...I know there are other people out there with similar feelings.

    PM me anytime.
  5. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Try talking to a social worker.If you are paying child support then you can see her more often. Like the others said you will have a battle on your hands. If you keep trying then eventually you will be given visitation rights. You may have to hire a lawyer,it is a worth while expence if it means you can see your daughter.
    I got my daughter on the weekends up to the time they moved from Florida to New York. I got my visitation changed to having her here with me for the summers. Don't give up you have a small one who needs her dad. Good Luck...:chopper:...
  6. Epical Taylz

    Epical Taylz Well-Known Member

    please dont give up on your kid
    my uncle did that, and well his child doesnt even
    know his first name

    you should write letters to your child,
    and you should try calling as well.
    even if she isnt allowed to speak to you
    or hear her messages, shell get smarter over time
    and shell realize that her dad is trying to
    keep in contact with her.

    dont loose hope :]
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