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~September healthy living and healthy lifestyle thread~


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Wow. Here it is. Its September in many parts of the world right now, is it just me or has anyone found weight loss was extremely hard given what's going on in the world at the moment?

Right. On topic. Would you like to lose weight in time for those Christmas parties? Or another special occasion? Need to gain a few pounds?

No need to look any further, support is here, please feel to share recipes, weight loss/weight gain healthy methods, recipes, exercise routines.

My personal plan is to get more active and not focus on any numbers for now.

C'mon in and share your ideas, healthy tips and ideas.

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Thanks for the tag @Champagne *hug

I have a pretty high metabolism but even with that, I have put on up to a stone in weight recently. I tend to do the whole 'eat whatever I like' and then resort to healthy eating, and I lose weight pretty quickly.

When trying to be healthy, I will eat porridge for breakfast, eggs on toast/sandwiches for lunch, often with a side salad, and then, a nice filling tea/dinner. Then, on the weekends, I will eat a little more and treat myself to something not particularly unhealthy, but more interesting than in the week. I find the weight still sticks around the right place, with this balance.

I also used to make a lot of puddings etc. without the sugar. For example, with fruit crumbles, I would add ground nuts in the topping or even a natural sweetener - such as 'xylitol', made from plants. I would also served with a 'no added sugar' fruit, vanilla or chocolate custard. You can also buy plenty of no added sugar healthy chocolate or even 100% cocoa chocolate, from 'Lindt'. Just check the sweeteners are the healthy ones.

In terms of exercising, I dance and ride horses, so it's the fun side of exercising, and therefore, sustainable.

For anyone underweight, I would suggest (allergy permitting) a healthy and versatile protein, such as Peanut Butter. Builds up good fats quickly and is given to children in developing countries, who are undernourished.

I would like to get into better shape in time for November, when I am going to a Christmas Market in Scotland, with a friend who lives up there. You never know where it may lead, lol. ;)

I will start the diet tomorrow! Hahaha.

Wishing everyone well on their journey to having a balanced diet and being healthy. Also to finding what they may be lacking in their diet/what their body needs and what works for them.



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Shiiiit. Jumping in here. I weighed myself this weekend and I hit another 10's milestone that I thought I'd never let myself get up to again. I'm pretty disgusted with my body lately. And on a healthier, less numbers/looks obsessed note, I want to be able to do more hiking and running and the extra pounds sure make a difference there.

So, goals? Committing to specific goals is hard for me right now. But I'm going to start by paying more attention to what I'm eating, and not buy fatty snacks to keep in the house.


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Thanks for the at @Champagne. From last month I've managed to develop a better diet, and routine exercise these past few weeks. I'm starting a new bodyweight routine today, i.e 4x10-14 pushups, situps, squats, modified lunges, tricep dips, pullups if I can get a bar, etc. Before I was just limiting calories and trying to 'lose weight' (though I didn't have a scale...,) so I don't know the progress I've made (if any,) but judging by how I look right now, I think strengthing/"bulking" would be the best choice rn. I've also started running.

:Cook more, (actually made my first ever recipe today, was a lean burger,) do strength exercise routine 3x week, cardio 7x week, and start diet journaling; that's the plan! Good luck, everyone!


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If I haven't been active in smiles and putting dramas aside, I'm not really happy how my weight can gain drastically (its in crisis) yet the most realistic goals can come up with for this month is to lose at least the first 5kg and planning on healthy snacks more even though its okay to have junk food once in a while, probably as reward this time.

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Thanks for the tag @Champagne :)

My diet started well, losing 16lbs in three weeks. But I've totally bollocksed it the last week - I had a few days away with a friend and then my son came home for the weekend for his birthday.

So tomorrow I'm back on it (although we're going away next weekend to a beer festival which won't be ideal). We're also going away for a week in mid September. It'll be the first time we've been on holiday with the kids for four or five years. We'll be in Devon so there's no way I can resist a cream tea or two...
BUT... That's less than one and a half weeks out of the whole month so there's no excuse to go mad the rest of the time. Ideally I'd like to loose another 7lbs by the end of the month. I think that's doable.


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Tysm for the tag @Champagne & for opening this healthy living thread for this month! :)

My main goal in terms of physical health right now is to just get walking again first (at least 5 or more days per week for at least 20 mins or more) and then after successfully doing that for at least 1-2 weeks then slowly introducing jogging again. I've gained about 60 pounds in the last 1-2 years & I feel extremely guilty about it. I absolutely do not want it to increase any more & I have been trying hard to eat a lot less chocolate and other unhealthy kinds of things and eating more salads. I don't know if it's an unrealistic goal to try to lose 40-60 pounds in a year but if it is possible then I'd def. be very happy to be able to do that. Takes soo much discipline, motivation, focus and energy but I'm trying hard to stay positive about things and not get overwhelmed.

Anyway I wish everyone lots of luck with whatever physical health goals they have or w/e other general health-related goals they have. With sincere support, encouragement, motivation and determination we can do it, I know we can! :) *hug*hug*hug
I want to lose 20kg. Obviously I wont do it in a month, but that's the goal. I don't look as fat as i am, as im very solidly built, but it (my weight) still isn't good at all. Have a crosstrainer. Will get back into the routine of using it. That and watching what I eat (and drink).


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For me it is more just keeping muscle tone rather than weight gain or loss and the exercise bike is my favorite for that since I can turn up fans, start a TV show or movie on the PC and just pedal. Another favorite is getting down on the pastures and traisping over those area while out in nature, that way build up a bit of sweat. Beyond that diet is the best way to lose weight. Exercise works great but mainly helps build muscle which is what will burn fat with activity. For building up muscle either the rower or vertical climber here.

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