Serenity over melancholy

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by lilodian4ever, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. lilodian4ever

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    Hey guys,

    Here's how I feel:

    Waiting so long proved to be a folly
    But, I now choose serenity over melancholy
    The battle is over, and I need to rest
    For me, he knows, that's what's best

    The conflict left me high and dry
    Yet, there are no tears left to cry
    There isn't a question left to ask
    In eternal serenity, I wish to bask

    His laws demand that this spirit be set free
    What it has missed, all along, it must see
    A world away from any and all harm
    I'll soon be immersed in an ocean of calm

    As I wait for him to reach his arms out
    I feel my mind devoid of all doubt
    I ask him to take me away, whole
    I surrender to him, mind, body, and soul

    All I have to do is shut my eyes now
    I needn't worry anymore, about the what, when, or how
    As I lie here staring him in the face
    I revel in knowing I'm going to a better place
  2. total eclipse

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    He can give you rest hun to fight another day He would not want you to harm yourself but to go and get support for YOU h ugs
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