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Serious problems with block features


SF Supporter
Hi I think I've found some issues with the blocking features, and am calling them "serious" because they can and looks like recently did create real conflicts between members.

The 3 issues:

1. On my browser (Mac Chrome), there is no checkmark next to the block user button in the main chat window. Also the label doesn't change from block to unblock. The result is that you cannot see their blocked status, and if you accidentally hit the button, it will look like they are still not blocked.

2. The only way to see who you have blocked, and because of #1, if a particular person is blocked, is a very obscure place that always takes me a while to find each time. You have to open the chat list (as opposed to list within chat room) and find the tiny gear and select Manage Blocked Users.. and then use a drop down. Maybe some people block all the time (I rarely block anyone) and are able to find this easily, but I always just looked to the "Block User" option on the username in main chat, assuming that it would have a checkmark or at very least change from Block to Unblock

3. I have unblocked a couple users, and even though they now do not show up in the dropdown under the Manage Blocked Users... option, I still cannot see them in chat and they don't seem to be replying to my messages (one after waiting a coiple days). I tried refreshing browser, no difference.

As for the "serious" part -- somehow both @SleepyOwl and me thought the other had blocked us for a period of I believe a few weeks. I got really angry thinking why did she do that when I was sending a friendly request. I could not see her in chat and when we were both there chat was confusing. Come to find out she was having the same experience and was likewise mad at me, thought I had blocked her. Neither of us even chose to hit Block User, though perhaps we each hit it by accident because the PM button is right above it?

So now there's this resentment that was there for a month, and while we can clear it up, that's a really serious impact to a technical bug/issue. Thinking back something similar happened last year with myself and @Sarahbeanie.

Hope this can be looked into. Thx

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