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  1. Farandaway674

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    I have been planning on getting a surgery to help me with my severe weight problem and am scheduled for late October (insurance permitting) but right now I am having serious second thoughts about it that is causing me panic attacks. I know in the long run it could be very beneficial for me but 1) fear of surgery, 2) the risk (although very minimal) involved, 3) the fact that I can not have certain foods again is seriously upsetting me. I wanna call the whole thing of but it would disappoint those close to me, plus I have a feeling something will go wrong.
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    You would be very different if you did not have second thoughts and contemplate the things you mention. Getting surgery is an important decision and not looking at both sides of the issue would be a mistake. There are often support groups for people that have had these type of procedures done - perhaps you could look into that to see if there is one affiliated with the hospital you are having the procedure done at? Or even find a person or two that has had it done that could discuss it on a personal level as opposed to a medical viewpoint?
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    Hi. Yes, a bit of fear is always going to be there. But I would think that the fear is often way overshadowed by the commitment to it all. Are you sure that it is YOU who wants this surgery? I know you said you do not want to disappoint people

    It might be a good idea to see if you can get some counseling regarding it. I hope you will. So you can be very clear in your mind what you want for sure. If you become more clear that you want it very much, this clarity will help override much of the fear and apprehension. Although a certain level of both is natural. On the other hand, if you find that the fear is too great, then perhaps you can work on what you can do next. Figure out how to proceed in your next step.

    I hope you will keep posting here. You might want to consider posting on the national eating disorders association website forum. They even have a helpline people can call. They are very committed to helping people.
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