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That's a pretty low place to be that's for sure, would you like to talk about how you got to where you are now, posting here?


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You have nothing, do you?
You don't have family and money, etc, but do you have the will to fight? The courage to stand? The strength to get through this? The spirit to live on? The faith in a future? The self-motivation to make that future what you've always wanted it to be? The hope in you that everything will be okay? The trust in others to help get you through this? The intrest to still be reading this and atleast taking my words into conciteration?

Well, I understand what you mean.

I've never been to the absolutely nothing stage though. My mom will ALWAYS be there, so I can't have nothing.

You really have absolutely NOTHING? Not even 1 person will be a little sad that you're gone?

Not that I'm trying to talk to you out of it baby. I totally understand.
i believe that siucide can be jstified if nothingness is better then my or ur life now. becaue thats wat death is.. nothingness


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Having nothing only means that you have everything to gain.

Society (quality of life) has a direct impact on depression and suicide. But many able people kill themselves, people that have every thing they imagine they need (ie) kurt cobain.

Finding happiness within yourself. Just because I haven't found what I need. Doesn not mean it does not exist, or that I am incapable of attaining it.


Being a huge 80's fan, I was saddened to hear of the passing of Kevin Wilkinson, the drummer from China Crisis. Wonderful music they did, and he also performed with Squeeze and Howard Jones.

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